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Software Migration Manager for SharePoint
Software Migration Suite for SharePoint
Software Migrator for Sametime
Software Migration Manager for Exchange
Migration Manager for SharePoint
Optimize content storage, streamline information access and enhance recovery time objectives with Migration Manager for SharePoint.

Migration Suite for SharePoint
Eliminate the risks of downtime and data loss with Migration Suite for SharePoint.

Migrator for Sametime
Perform in-depth, pre-migration assessments, centralize project management and automate tasks.

Migration Manager for Exchange
Conduct a seamless migration to Exchange 2010/2013 or Office 365™ (Exchange Online).

Software MessageStats Business Insights
Software MessageStats for Lync
Software Migration Manager for Active Directory
Software Secure Copy
MessageStats Business Insights
Retrieves data trapped in your messaging system, and converts it into messaging intelligence.

MessageStats for Lync
Dell™ MessageStats for Lync® delivers enhanced reporting to track unified communications usage and analyze trends.

Migration Manager for Active Directory
Ensure that migrated and non-migrated users retain secure access to critical server resources when data is moved.

Secure Copy
Provide the flexibility to control how data is migrated.

Software Site Administrator for SharePoint
Software Social Migrator for SharePoint
Software OnDemand Migration for Email
Software NDS Migrator
Site Administrator for SharePoint
Increase visibility into your environment in order to streamline daily management and reduce the time and resources required.

Social Migrator for SharePoint
Streamline and automate the migration of your social content from IBM Connections 3.x or 4.0 to Microsoft SharePoint.

OnDemand Migration for Email
Securely migrate users and data to Office 365™, on-premises Exchange or hosted Exchange email platforms.

NDS Migrator
Streamline your migrations from Novell Directory Services to Active Directory.

Software Notes Migrator for Exchange
Software Notes Migrator for SharePoint
Software MessageStats
Software ChangeAuditor for NetApp
Notes Migrator for Exchange
Preserve the integrity of your users’ mailboxes and ensure a seamless and accurate migration from Lotus Notes.

Notes Migrator for SharePoint
Enable quick migration of IBM® Lotus Notes®, QuickPlace/Quickr® and Domino® applications to SharePoint.

Prepare for Exchange migrations, determine Lync® usage and enhance operational efficiency.

ChangeAuditor for NetApp
Ensure the security, compliance and control of your NetApp® files and folders.

Software ChangeAuditor for SharePoint
Software ChangeAuditor for SQL Server
Software ChangeAuditor for Exchange
Software ChangeAuditor for Active Directory
ChangeAuditor for SharePoint
ChangeAuditor for SharePoint tracks, audits, reports and alerts on changes to SharePoint in real time.

ChangeAuditor for SQL Server
Tracks, audits, reports and alerts on changes to Microsoft® SQL Server® in real time.

ChangeAuditor for Exchange
Track, audit, report and alert on Microsoft® Exchange Server configuration and permission changes in real time.

ChangeAuditor for Active Directory
Eliminate the time and complexity required for auditing.

Software ChangeAuditor for Active Directory Queries
Software ChangeAuditor for EMC
Software Collaboration Services
Software Enterprise Reporter
ChangeAuditor for Active Directory Queries
Get real-time tracking, analysis and reporting on all Microsoft® Active Directory®-based and LDAP queries.

ChangeAuditor for EMC
Helps ensure the security, compliance and control of files and folders.

Collaboration Services
Real-time Global Address Lists (GALs) and Free/Busy synchronization for organizations with multiple Exchange instances.

Enterprise Reporter
Enterprise Reporter is a scalable solution for auditing, analyzing and reporting across the enterprise.

Software GroupWise Migrator for Exchange
Software Coexistence Manager for Notes
Software ChangeAuditor for VMware vCenter
Software ChangeAuditor for Windows File Servers
Migrator for GroupWise
Streamline and accelerate the Exchange transition process to mitigate the risk of data loss.

Coexistence Manager for Notes
Achieve seamless, secure user collaboration with Coexistence Manager for Notes.

ChangeAuditor for VMware vCenter
Track, report and alert on critical changes in VMware vCenter.

ChangeAuditor for Windows File Servers
Track, report and alert on critical changes to Windows File Servers.

Software Coexistence Manager for GroupWise
Coexistence Manager for GroupWise
Maintain business productivity with interoperability between GroupWise and Exchange, Office 365 and hosted Exchange.