PowerEdge M-Series Blade Switches

Intel® Core™
Blade Interconnects

Available Models

PowerEdge FX2 FN410s
Mellanox InfiniBand blade switches
networking dell 10gb ethernet passthru
Dell 8/4Gbps FC Pass-Through Module
FN IO Module for Dell FX2 chassis
Simplify FX2 cabling and enhance converged IO and Fibre Channel capabilities for the FX architecture with added full layer 2/3 switch mode.
Mellanox InfiniBand blade switches
Enable high bandwidth and low latency across InfiniBand-connected server nodes in your M1000e blade chassis high-performance computing (HPC) cluster.
Basic 8Gb Aggregator Dell FC Pass-through
8/4Gbps Fibre Channel Pass-Through Module for M1000e Blade Enclosure
Dell Networking 1gb high density
Poweredge M IO Aggregator
Networking 10Gb Basic Switch
Dell Networking 1Gb Basic Switch
Dell Networking M6348 Switch
Data centers deploying blade servers requiring fewer switch modules in conjunction with increased server networking ports.
Dell PowerEdge M I/O Aggregator
Simplify network management and increase server bandwidth with the PowerEdge™ M I/O Aggregator, enabling easy, plug-and-play data center convergence.
Dell Networking 10Gb Basic Switch
Ease transition to 10GbE in your data center and expand the value of your blade investments with the Dell Networking M8024-k 10GbE and FCoE transit switch.
Dell Networking 1Gb Basic Switch
Server administrators wishing to auto-deploy network settings for blade switches.
Brocade M5424
Networking mxl 1040gbe
Dell Brocade 6520 16GB fibre channel switch
Brocade M6505 Fibre Channel Switch
Add 16 Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity across servers, storage and SAN as needed, without increasing your data center footprint.
Dell Networking MXL 10/40GbE blade switch
Consolidate virtualization benefits in M1000e blade deployments and apply more bandwidth to critical network links with the Dell Networking MXL 10/40GbE switch.
Dell Brocade High-Performance Fibre Channel Switches
Optimize storage performance for increasing server virtualization density with Brocade® Gen 5 16 Gbps Fibre Channel rack and blade switches or Gen 6 32 Gbps fibre channel rack switch.
Cisco Nexus B22DELL Fabric Extender
Dell Networking 1Gb Ethernet Pass-Through
Dell Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3130G
Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3130X
Cisco Nexus Blade B22DELL
The B22DELL Blade Fabric Extender extends the Cisco Nexus® switch fabric to the Dell™ M1000e blade enclosure for a scalable, unified server access platform.
Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3130X
Existing Dell™ M1000e customers seeking to use existing network investment to help reduce operating expenses

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