Your DELL laptop comes with pre-installed 30 day trial of McAfee SecurityCenter software.
But to enable the software to do its job you need to activate it first.

Why you should activate the trial?

As the Internet becomes more and more integrated into everyday lives, people must learn how to defend themselves against new types of online attacks that steal their identity, put their children at risk, and threaten their security. You need to have always up-to-date security software enabled.

Follow this easy 2-step process to quickly secure your system:

STEP 1: Set up your Protection
Just click on the ‘M’ icon on your desktop to automatically launch your pre-installed McAfee SecurityCenter. Then follow the simple steps in the Activation Wizard and after a few clicks your PC should be protected.

STEP 2: Stay Protected
To keep your protection active and up-to-date, be sure to extend your McAfee subscription once your 30-day test ends. Don‘t worry...McAfee will alert you

Only activated software can ensure that you benefit from McAfee’s comprehensive up-to-date protection:

  • You automatically receive the latest, most up-to-date protection whether it’s a minor new feature OR a major new upgrade for the first 30 days, FREE.
  • When a McAfee product updates, it is silently installed on your PC. You just receive an alert telling you that the software has already been installed.
  • Be fully protected with the latest features and technologies from McAfee.


Internet safety plans
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Talk with your familiy members about Internet safety.
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