Product Features

McAfee Security Center 2010 product box
New and improved features
SecurityCenter 2010
Exclusive Active Protection Technology

New and emerging threats are analysed and blocked in milliseconds, so there is virtually no gap in your protection.

Easier Manual Scans and Updates

Scans and updates have been redesigned to be easy to use and without intrusive popups.

Fast Scanning

We've sped up scan time by making our software smarter; it knows which files are good, which are bad and if they need to be scanned again or not.

Smart Scan Times

Tasks such as scans and updates are postponed until the computer is idle, minimising interruptions.

Scrolling Security Brief

The scrolling security brief shows you the latest threats that have been averted.

Instant Home Screen Access and Navigation

No more waiting to access the Home Screen and Navigation. They now load instantaneously.

Fast and Easy Installation

Once you download the software, the install time on new computers can be less than one minute! And the installation is as simple as one click.

Detailed Security Report

A detailed, printable security report, highlighting key data, is just a click away.

Easier PC Optimisation Tools

Now easier to use, Quick Clean and Shredder are optimising tools that allow you to clean and delete files on the PC.

Easier-to-Use Parental Controls

Now easier to use and configure, new age-based protection offers 18 separate filter categories, and lets you add or block specific websites and activate time restrictions on Internet access.