The Dell Difference: Premier

> Your standard products
> Your pricing
> Product roadmaps
> Customized access
> Increased order accuracy
> Faster product delivery
> Online order confirmations
> ERP integrations
> Manage assets centrally
> Purchase reporting
> Interactive troubleshooting
> Online community

Premier Capabilities

Your Products, Your I/T Standards
Easily control system, software, and peripheral standards
to help minimize your deployment, training, and support costs.

Customizable User Access and Authorization
From product choices and buying authorization to payment
and shipping options, you control access to Dell content
and functionality for each of your Premier users.

Decision-critical Product and Solutions Information
The details you need to choose the right products
and services.

> Secure, 24/7 accessibility
> Customized information, controlled access
> Your products at your price
> In-depth reporting capabilities
> Award-winning online technical support
> Shorter order cycles and fewer errors
> Easy to learn, use and implement