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intel® xeon™
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Windows Server 2012 Foundation
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Dell PowerEdge T110 II
Dell PowerEdge T110 II
First server solution, inlcuding Windows Server 2012 Foundation for 15 users.
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Estimated Ship Date:27 Oct 2014
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PowerEdge T110 II with Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 processor. With Windows Server 2012 Foundation and 3yr next business day service

Processor Help Me Choose

Intel® Core™ Processor i3-2120, 2C/4T, 3.30GHz, 3M Cache, 65W TDP

RAIDHelp Me Choose

C1 4HD - No RAID with On-board SATA Controller, Requires 1-4 SATA HDDs

Memory*Help Me Choose

4GB Memory (1x4GB), 1600MT/s, Single Ranked, Low Volt UDIMM (speed is CPU dependent)

Hard Drive

500GB, SATA, 3.5-in, 7.2K RPM Hard Drive (Cabled)

WarrantyHelp Me Choose

3Yr Basic Warranty - Next Business Day


PowerEdge T110 II Tower Chassis, Up to 4x 3.5" Cabled HDDs

Optical Drive

16X DVD-ROM Drive with SATA Cable
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