Foglight User Experience Management

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Simplified end-user monitoring and management.

Identify performance issues, get insights into user and customer behavior, and improve the performance of your web applications.



Simplify end-user monitoring and management

Gain deeper insight into the needs of your end-users by proactively monitoring their web application experiences. Detect web application issues, diagnose the root cause and quickly resolve performance bottlenecks before they impact customers.

Evaluate user effectiveness, efficiency and productivity and ensure that your web applications are aligned with the customers’ needs. Monitor and validate service-level agreements and successfully deploy applications that are tailored to your business objectives and unique IT environment to increase end-user adoption and satisfaction.


Assist customers from the IT perspective

TransactionDNA technology
Unify disparate sources of rich IT data for dashboards, visualizations and analysis using an experienced data model with a transaction-based framework.

Customer-centric transactions
Get deeper insight into customer transactions through application layer traces linked back to the end user and their associated session activity.

Performance-based service levels
Access to details on baseline response times allows you to alert users when baselines violate defined service levels.

Geographic performance and volume
Monitor throughput and user response time by any logical grouping, such as location.

Web/application server performance
Monitor your web and application servers for conditions related to CPU load. Easily configure the number of users accessing the server and the number of services running on the server at any given moment to ensure that OLAs are not being breached.

Assist customers from their perspective

Web transaction triage
Search, capture and store data on end-users’ website experiences to learn about their actions and the system’s response to those actions.


Session and transaction replay
Enable notifications when business-critical pages are called, load slowly or content is out of expectations by segmenting hits and pages for alerting, monitoring and playback.


Problem reproduction for the help desk
Compile and e-mail a comprehensive user session replay with one click to provide your service desk system information when an incident occurs.

Assist customers from the business perspective

Contextual forensics

Improve troubleshooting and gain greater insight into website usage patterns.

Transaction conversion analysis
Get visibility into the interaction between users, your website, and marketing initiative success rates.

Configurable transaction attributes
Improve your understanding of conversion rates by inquiry type, as well as the related barriers and leakage points that inhibit them.

Ad-hoc transaction reporting
Ensure that user session data is available and organized for use by your data analysis tools.

Attribute search and pivot table creation
Achieve easy analysis and reporting by finding and exporting only the data you desire into your spreadsheets.
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