EqualLogic PS Series

intel® xeon™
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EqualLogic PS Series

EqualLogic PS4100 Storage System (overview)
Dell EqualLogic PS4210
EqualLogic PS6500 ISCSI Storage Array

Next-generation GbE iSCSI SAN arrays designed for growing environments

Increase performance options with the right-sized and right-priced Dell Storage PS4210 Array Series for your growing business.

Enterprise-Class Virtualised Scale-Out SAN

EqualLogic PS6100 Storage Array
Equallogic PS6210 Series
Dell Storage PS6610 Series Arrays

Versatile GbE iSCSI SAN arrays built for enterprise environments

Organizations seeking enterprise-class storage in an easy-to-manage array that is optimized for virtualization platforms in a variety of environments.

Midsized companies in need of ultra-dense storage for video surveillance, media and entertainment, medical data archival or virtualization.

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