EqualLogic PS6500 Series

intel® xeon™
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EqualLogic PS6510e iSCSI Array
Dell EqualLogic PS6510X iSCSI SAN
Dell EqualLogic PS6500X iSCSI SAN
EqualLogic PS6500E
EqualLogic PS6510E iSCSI SAN Storage
Organisations seeking great IOPs performance and bandwidth with excellent cost per gigabyte.
EqualLogic PS6510X iSCSI SAN Storage
Organisations seeking an excellent balance of cost-effective 10GbE performance and large capacity.
EqualLogic PS6500X iSCSI SAN Storage
Organizations seeking a high-performance, high-density SAS solution for capacity-intensive primary applications.
EqualLogic PS6500E iSCSI SAN Storage
Organisations seeking a low total cost of ownership with both excellent cost-per-GB and comprehensive SAN management and protection software.
Dell EqualLogic PS6500ES
Dell EqualLogic PS6500ES/PS6510ES
Take advantage of high-speed, low-latency solid state drives (SSDs) and high-capacity hard disk drives (HDDs) together in a single array.
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