Inspiron Laptops

intel® core™ processors
 Inspiron 3000 Series Inspiron 5000 Series Inspiron 7000 Series  





Value for your business,
 with a new thinner
design that is perfect
 for productivity

 The power of a desktop
with laptop mobility.
Stay connected on the go
with longer battery life.

Exceed expectations and
 kick start your projects
with these powerful
business ready PCs.


Processing Power

Value Mainstream Performance  

Design Quality

Value Mainstream Performance  


Value Mainstream Performance  
MediaValue Mainstream Performance  

Touch Option

Value Mainstream Performance  

Inspiron 3000 series
Inspiron 3000 Series
• Value for your business, with a new
   thinner design that is perfect for
Inspiron 5000 series
Inspiron 5000 Series
• The power of a desktop with laptop 
   mobility. Stay connected on the 
   go with longer battery life.
Inspiron 7000 series
Inspiron 7000 series
• Exceed expectations and kick start
  your projects with these powerful 
  business ready PCs.

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