PowerVault LTO-3-060 Tape Drive

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High performance and high capacity

Organisations needing to perform nightly backups of a single server with up to 400GB.

Dell PowerVault LTO-3-060

PowerVault LTO Tape Products



LTO-3 備份磁帶機

  • 單一外接 LTO-3 半高磁帶機, 在伺服器設定中可以得知內部型號。
  • 高效能與容量, 最快可以 216GB/小時 (原始) 的速度備份多達 400GB (原始) 的資訊
  • 向後相容於讀寫 LTO-2 媒體,以及相容於讀取 LTO-1 媒體
  • 與 LTO-3 WORM (單寫多讀) 媒體共同使用, 可使您的資料免於被修改或變更

Tape Backup Technology

  • LTO-3 Half Height Ultrium tape drive

Media Types

  • Ultrium 3 LTO format cartridges


  • Native: 400GB*

Transfer Rate and Backup Rate

  • Native Maximums: 216GB/hr

Server Compatibility

  • Dell™ and x86 IBM and HP Servers

    Support for NX4 and other NDMP products

    Please refer to compatibility matrix for complete listing

Drive Controllers

  • On-board and add-in LVD SCSI


  • Dell-supported Tape Backup Software*:
    Commvault for Microsoft® Windows®, and Linux®*
    Symantec® Backup Exec™ for Microsoft Windows


  • Half height linear tape drive
    Internal and External Drives Available

    Internal Drive

    1.7" (h) x 5.8" (w) x 8.3" (d)

    Weight (3.5 lbs)

    External Drive

    2.48" (h) x 10.2" (w) x 10.91" (d)

    Weight (9.2 lbs)

Optional Hardware Support Service Plans

Dell Infrastructure Services: Execution Without Excuses
Dell brings pure execution to IT services. The planning, implementation and maintenance of your IT infrastructure deserve nothing less. Variability in execution can compromise user productivity, IT resources, and ultimately, your reputation. By leveraging our heritage of process-driven excellence, Dell services can deliver a smarter way. That's pure Dell.

Gold Enterprise Support
Provides 7x24 rapid response and resolution of critical issues including escalation management and on-site Emergency Dispatch procedures to quickly restore operations. This level of support is appropriate for networks that are being used for email systems, database applications and virtualization.

Silver Enterprise Support
Silver support provides convenient 7x24 phone access for hardware and core software troubleshooting with 4-hour2 7x24 on-site services following completion of phone-based troubleshooting. This level of support is appropriate for file and print networks and other non-production testing and development.

Take Your Support to the Next Level

Platinum Plus Enterprise Support
Dell's most comprehensive level of premium support for network systems combines rapid response and resolution for critical issues with customized account planning and reporting to proactively help improve uptime. With Platinum Plus, you receive direct access to the Enterprise Command Center and a designated Platinum Technical Account Manager and can enjoy the benefits of Operations Performance Benchmarking and ECC Real-time Tracking Window.
Learn More about Dell Enterprise Support Services

Customization and Set-Up

Installation Services
Dell provides streamlined standard installation services so you can easily choose the specific package that quickly gets new systems into the workspace and old systems out.

  • Basic(Standard) Installation 
  • Custom Installation Assessment

Additional Service Offerings

In today's environment, businesses depend on their advanced server and storage systems running like clockwork. Maximum uptime is crucial. IT professionals' success and credibility depends on knowing they can reliably deliver business-critical operations and rapidly resolve problems when they do arise. They also need the flexibility to match support to the different needs of various end users and applications environments, smartly balancing quality and costs.

Backup and Recovery
Dell offers comprehensive project management to help you optimize your technology, improve efficiencies, and minimize downtime with a tailored archiving, backup, recovery solution engineered to provide increased flexibility, scalability, and manageability.

Storage and Server Consolidation
Consolidation services provide a common platform to allocate and manage growing demands for data storage and helps reduce administrative effort by establishing a single management console. Dell's comprehensive approach to storage and server consolidation is designed to help you accelerate productivity by delivering customized systems, software and services that ease management and can result in lower total cost of ownership. Consolidation can offer these key benefits:

  • Simplify Operations
  • Improve Utilisation
  • Cost Effective Scaling

Comprehensive Storage Training and Certification
Arm your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to be as productive as possible. Dell offers comprehensive training services which include hardware and software training, as well as PC skills and professional development classes. Dell training can help improve system reliability, maximize productivity, and reduce end user requests and downtime.

On-Site2 Installation and Remote Installation Services

Remote Configuration Set-up

  • Assistance configuring or setting up your new server's operating system for the first time
  • Flexibility with Dell remotely "driving" the install via online Web-Ex session or allowing you to perform via phone-based instruction
  • Can be the most cost-effective solution to quickly get your server OS up and running

On-Site2 Installation: Hardware and OS

  • An On-Site2 Dell technician to ensure proper physical setup & functionality of the hardware and Windows operating system in your business environment
  • Assistance installing your new server into a Dell-support rack
  • Reduced time required to get your new server completely up and running
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