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Tough and portable


The Dell™ PowerVault™ removable disk storage combines the speed of a hard disk with the portability of optical media for quick, easy and affordable backups.

  • Low-cost alternative to entry-level tape backup
  • 8X faster backups compared to DAT 72
  • Shock-proof cartridges provide added reliability
  • Drag and drop functionality make backup and restore easy 
  • Software included for easily scheduled backups

powervault rd1000 external tape drive
Rugged, Reliable, Space Saving Storage

Removable disk drive vs. other storage

The benefits of using a high-capacity, removable disk drive and accompanying cartridge like the Dell PowerVault™ RD1000 are evident when compared to alternative backup media. Rugged, removable disk media offers increased portability and durability over standard USB-based hard drive storage. The PowerVault RD1000 cartridges are built to withstand a fall from nearly one meter so they are very durable, plus the removable disk cartridges are small and lightweight and can be stored off-site for better disaster recovery protection. The PowerVault RD1000 provides easy expandability — when you reach capacity with one removable disk cartridge, just insert in a new one. There's no need to buy additional hardware.

The PowerVault RD1000 features a protective disk drive cartridge that is available in 320GB,* 500GB,* 750GB* and 1TB* capacities. The RD removable disk cartridges are all interchangeable and preformatted. Archiving a collection of PowerVault RD1000 disk cartridges takes considerably less room than a similar amount of DVDs or CDs — it would take 36 standard DVDs to hold the volume of a single 320GB removable disk cartridge — all while saving shelf space.

Compare PowerVault RD1000 to alternative storage options:
Storage ProductPowerVault RD1000 Removable Disk BackupCompetitor Removable Disk BackupRemovable Disk Drive StorageExternal Hard DriveDLTVS160 Tape DriveDAT72 Tape DriveTravan 40 Tape Drive
DescriptionRemovable Disk DriveRemovable Disk DriveRemovable Hard Disk DriveExternal HD DriveTape DriveTape DriveTape Drive
Acquisition Cost*Large BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge Bullet
Additional Media Cost per 160GB*ØØØØØØØNAØØØØ
Capacities Available320GB*, 500GB*,
80GB*, 120GB*, 160GB*
Transfer Rate30 MB/s30 MB/s30 MB/s41 MB/s8 MB/s3.6 MB/s4 MB/s
Removable Media?YesYesYesNoYesYesYes
Form FactorsInternal, External or Rack MountInternal, External or Rack MountInternal, External or Rack MountExternal onlyInternal, External or Rack MountInternal, External or Rack MountInternal, External or Rack Mount
Available InterfaceSATA and USBSATA and USBSATA, SCSI, USB, Firewire, ATAPIUSB and FirewireSCSI onlyUSB and SATAUSB and ATAPI

Acquisition Cost
Large Bullet = Under $249
Large BulletLarge Bullet = $250-$449
Large BulletLarge BulletLarge Bullet = $450-$649
Large BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge Bullet = $650-$849
Large BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge BulletLarge Bullet = Over $850
Media Cost per 80 GB
Ø = Under $50
ØØ = $51-150
ØØØ = Above $150

*Price references as of March 5th, 2007. Acquisition Cost for an equivalent 80G solution.
Hard Drive Speed and Reliability

Hard Drive Speed and Reliability

The PowerVault RD1000 removable disk cartridge contains a SATA II hard drive, the same technology that Dell uses across the PowerVault™ disk storage line, the PowerEdge™ server line, and the Dell Precision™ Workstations external drive. SATA II hard drive technology is a reliable, industry-standard for storage, and an ideal long-term and durable media. Files transfer to the PowerVault RD1000 at about the same time it would take to save to your regular PC drive, up to 30MB/sec - much faster than backing up to standard tape, and without the hassle of swapping out media due to capacity constraints.
Tough and Compact Form

Tough and compact form

The PowerVault RD1000 functions lying flat or on its edge. Its compact profile takes up very little space on a desk or close to your server, allowing a backup solution that doesn't require rethinking your office arrangement. The removable disk cartridge is designed for durability and easily fits into a briefcase, backpack or even a coat pocket. The PowerVault RD1000's simple plug-and-play USB connection allows you to back up more than one system, or move it from home to office as you need. Each removable disk drive cartridge weighs about as much as a cell phone and is only slightly larger.

Having the right backup solution is key to protecting your critical information. So is having the right support. Dell ProSupport is a portfolio of globally-consistent, customer-driven support services that provide businesses of all sizes with flexible, reliable and easier support solutions.

Dell ProSupport starts with the Dell ProSupport for IT service model designed for IT professionals like you. Dell ProSupport for IT provides:
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Next, Dell ProSupport Options align to the way you use technology – rapidly responding to your needs, protecting your investment, productivity and sensitive data, and providing enhanced proactive support services to reduce the risk and complexity of managing your infrastructure.

Mission Critical - Perfect for server and storage environments where avoiding unplanned downtime and reducing recovery time through priority response are a must. The package includes priority 4-hour onsite* service or optional 2-hour response with 6-hour hardware repair, Dell’s proven Critical Situation process, and emergency dispatch.Keep Your Hard Drive* - Enables you to control your sensitive data by retaining your hard drive and helps you comply with current data privacy regulations to help mitigate risks associated with regulatory or civil liabilities.Enterprise-Wide Contract – Provides enhanced proactive capabilities through:
  • Designated Service Delivery Manager
  • Performance benchmarking and custom reporting
  • Planning and assessments

Proactive Maintenance
- Maximizes the availability and stability of your infrastructure proactively. The package includes a detailed system assessment and implementation of driver or firmware updates and upgrades for your server or storage systems.

Remote Advisory Options - Provides telephone and Internet access to technical expertise for specialized applications and solutions such as Microsoft Exchange, Virtualization, and more.

 Basic Hardware Warranty

Basic Support
Ideal for non-essential application environments. This service offers business-hour, phone-based support for hardware-only issues with Next Business Day On-Site Service following completion of phone-based troubleshooting.

Additional Service Offerings

Backup and Recovery
To sustain the continued operation of your storage solution, you should engineer availability, security and reliability into every process from the outset. Dell can provide backup and recovery solutions that help ensure adequate procedures are in place to minimize or avoid data loss.

Storage Consolidation
Our storage experts analyze existing infrastructure, operational practices and technical readiness to develop a roadmap for conducting a storage consolidation. They will also develop a detailed consolidation deployment plan as well as a validated and refined solution design.

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