Frequently Asked Questions about the VideoStage

Q: Can I buy or rent movies or TV shows in VideoStage? How do I activate the CinemaNow (RoxioNow) service?
Yes but only in the US. Open the VideoStage application and click/touch on the Store or CinemaNow tab at the top of the screen. This will connect you to the CinemaNow Store. Once there, you can click on any movie to see the options available for that movie, such as purchase, rent or view trailers.
Note: Some future versions may have RoxioNow listed instead of CinemaNow.

Q: How do I make sure my videos appear in VideoStage?
Videos saved to standard locations like My Videos will appear in VideoStage. Note: personal videos will appear in PhotoStage, not VideoStage.

Q: How do I import items into VideoStage? Within VideoStage, go to Settings and click or tap on Video Folders. Once here, you can choose additional folders to display in your VideoStage Library tab.

Q: Can I edit the name and description of a video file from within VideoStage?
Yes, you can edit information for files that are not DRM restricted. From the VideoStage home page, click or tap on the Library tab. Choose the video you wish to edit by clicking or tapping on it. Click on the Edit Movie Information link in the center of the screen. Type in the name and description you wish to appear for the video.

Q: Can I search in VideoStage?
You can reorganize your library in order to better find your files. From the Library screen, click on the Calendar or the Alphabetical buttons to rearrange your files.

Q: How do I update VideoStage?
If you accept auto updates, you will receive a pop up reminder when updates are available.

Q: What file formats are supported in VideoStage?
A: VideoStage supports the following formats:

Video Format Comments
*.MOVRequires that QuickTime is installed.
*.TIVORequires that TIVO is installed.
*.RMRequires RealPlayer version before 14.
*.RMVBRequires RealPlayer version before 14.

Video Decoder Format Comments
MPEG2On Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home
Basic, this is only supported when Cyberlink
is installed.
AC3Only supported when Cyberlink PowerDVD is installed.