Dell PowerVault ML6020 Product Details

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Scalable peace of mind

The PowerVault™ ML6000 is an intelligent, modular tape library that functions as the backup target for storage area network (SAN) environments for true disaster recovery.

  • 14U tape library consist of a 5U control module and a 9U expansion module for additional capacity
  • Capacity-on-demand slot activation license keys. Start with 41 slots and activate up to a total of 133 slots without interrupting library operation.
  • Library partitioning for improved flexibility (library managed encryption available with LTO4 and LTO5)

PowerVault ML6020 Tape Library


The PowerVault ML6000 family consists of two base configurations: the PowerVault ML6010 (5U) Control Module and the PowerVault ML6020 (14U) Control Module. The ML6010 Control Module contains the robotics, intelligence and management of the library, while the ML6020 (14U) combines the 5U Control Module with a 9U Expansion Module for scalability.


LTO-3 Modular Tape Library

  • Intelligent, modular library that supports SAN backup and archiving
  • Proactive Monitoring, Partitioning, Setup and Service Wizards illustrate the ML6000's advanced intelligence and self-awareness
  • Modular Expandability gives customers the freedom to scale the library's capacity and performance when and how their storage environments demand it
  • Non-Distruptive Scalabilty uses Capacity-on-Demand to let users efficiently manage their data growth and activate additional cartridge slots through a license key
  • Single, Continuous Robotics are leveraged by each expansion module to enhance the library's reliability
  • Easy to use, colour touch-screen User Interface simplifies administration and operation of the ML6000 family
The PowerVault ML6000 family is a modular tape library with advanced intelligence that allows customers to scale their SAN backup solution as their data grows. The ML6000 family employs features such as Proactive Monitoring to supervise all major subsystem components like tapes, drives, robotics, power supplies and fans to ensure that they are operating properly. Also, the modular yet versatile design of the ML6000 family allows customers to expand their library by placing a 9U expansion module above or below the 5U Control Module. The ML6000 family also uses a single, continuous robotics system to service all drives and media for enhanced reliability.
Base System Capabilities Options 
Active Tape Position Options (LTO) PowerVault ML6010 5U SystemPowerVault ML6020 14U System
Total Library Capacity
Activated Tape Positions Max. Native Capacity (TB) LTO-3
92 36.8

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