Dispositivo NAS PowerVault NX3000

intel® xeon™
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Dell PowerVault NX3000 Efficienza integrata per gestire sia file che blocchi di dati

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  • Software avanzato per una condivisione dei dati più efficiente
  • Nessuna perdita di tempo per installazione o gestione
  • Perfetta integrazione con il vostro ambiente

Sistema NAS PowerVault NX3000





Prodotti NAS (Network Attached Storage) PowerVault

Sistema operativo

  • Microsoft® Windows Storage Server® 2008 Standard Edition
    Microsoft® Windows Storage Server® 2008 Enterprise Edition

Protocolli di accesso ai file


    Protocolli di accesso ai blocchi:

    Destinazione iSCSI opzionale

Fattore di forma

  • Rack 2U


  • Numero di processori:

    1 o 2

    Processori supportati:

    Processori Intel® Xeon® quad-core sequenza 5500


  • Unità
    Capacità interna massima
    12 TB raw (con NL-SAS e SATA)

    Unità supportate:

    SAS, SATA, SAS nearline:
    Unità SATA da 3,5'' (7.200 rpm): 160 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB
    Unità SAS da 3,5'' (15.000 rpm): 146, 450 e 600 GB
    Unità SAS nearline da 3,5'' (7.200 rpm): 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB


  • Livelli RAID hardware
    RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50


  • Gigabit Ethernet: 4 connettori RJ45, con supporto TCP/IP offload. Schede di interfaccia di rete aggiuntive opzionali inclusa 10GbE


  • Dell OpenManage con Dell Management Console
    Plug-in Java RDP nativo o iDRAC Enterprise opzionale

Funzioni di protezione dei dati

  • Single Instance Storage (SIS)

    Replica file system distribuito (DFS-R)


    Istantanee VSS integrate per CIFS/NFS. In base all'array di storage esterno, è possibile che siano disponibili funzionalità aggiuntive di creazione delle istantanee.


    Sì (attivo/attivo)


  • Altezza: 8,64 cm (3,40")
    Larghezza: 44,31 cm (17,44")
    Profondità: 68,07 cm (26,80")
    Peso (configurazione massima): 26,1 kg (57,54 lb)

    Raffreddamento ridondante standard

    Dischi rigidi hot-plug
    Alimentazione ridondante hot-plug
    Raffreddamento ridondante hot-plug
    Memoria ECC
    Clustering ad alta disponibilità (è necessario disporre di Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 Enterprise Edition)

    Slot: 2 PCIe x8 + 2 PCIe x4 G2

    Possibilità di espansione con MD1200 (H800), MD1000 (PERC 6/E), MD3000 (HBA SAS da 6 Gb)
    Utilizzo come gateway per array PowerVault MD3000i o EqualLogic e Dell/EMC

    Supporto per rack:

    ReadyRails™ scorrevoli per rack a 4 montanti
    ReadyRails™ statiche per rack a 4 e 2 montanti

Alimentazione CA/Corrente max.

  • Due unità di alimentazione hot-plug da 870 W

Requisiti normativi

Advanced Software for More Efficient Data

Advanced Software for More Efficient Data

It is now possible to share data among many, disparate users in an efficient way. Single Instant Storage (SIS) eliminates data clutter. It identifies duplicate files, saves one copy and replaces other version with pointers to the stored versions. Distributed File System (DFS) gives you simplified, quick access to data stored across wide WAN/LAN environments. DFS Replication makes it possible to eliminate local backup at branch offices and rely on daily backups from the corporate office. This helps keep administrative tasks centralized and easier to manage.

File Services Resource Manager (FSRM) is a single-management interface that delivers better managed file services across CIFS/NFS and provides improved control and compliance over files. This is great for audit and planning purposes.

Network File System(NFS) allows administrators to consolidate file-sharing resources so both Windows and non-Windows clients can collaborate more effectively.

The PowerVault™ NX3000 supports systems management with remote management through iDRAC and OpenManage 6.1including DMC (Dell Management Console), IT Assistant.

No Time Wasted to Setup or Manage

No Time Wasted to Setup or Manage

File services are already preconfigured as part of the NX3000 for painless deployment. This reduces the overall deployment time, as it removes many management tasks and minimizes the impact on organizations’ file infrastructures.

The new “Initial Configuration Tasks” interface starts automatically during logon for streamlined setup of admin passwords, network settings, domain membership and configuring updates. This lets users get back to running their business instead of babysitting setup.

Remote management is handled through a simple browser with ActiveX RDP for Windows or Java RDP for non-Windows.

Finally, there is no need for Client-Access Licenses (CALs) because support for multiple users is already built into the appliance.


Expandable and Highly Available

The PowerVault NX3000 solution expands capacity using PowerVault MD storage arrays or by leveraging SAN arrays, acting as a NAS gateway.

Adding to the internal storage capacity of either high performance SAS drives, or high capacity nearline-SAS or SATA drives, external expansion arrays can provide even more flexibility. With support for both SAS and SATA in a single enclosure MD storage arrays allow organizations to optimize their storage deployments by storing data on different drive technologies without adding unnecessary hardware.

Implementing clustered, high availability solutions is also easy by clustering two NX3000 appliances. The PowerVault NX3000 can grow with you and support many companies growing data availability requirements.

Integration that Adapts to Your Environment

Integration that Adapts to Your Environment

The Dell PowerVault NX3000 is a network-attached storage system that stores both file and application data(using the optional iSCSI target) at the same time while supporting different operating environments. The PowerVault NX3000 can also be deployed as a SAN gateway in front of a Dell/EMC, EqualLogic PS Series or PowerVault MD Series backend to leverage your existing SAN investment.

The PowerVault NX3000 harnesses the performance of the Intel® Xeon® Quad-Core or Dual-Core 5500 series processors resulting in improved file access and throughput. Plus, it has the added bonus of advanced software making data easier to manage and share.

Design per l'efficienza energetica

Design finalizzato al risparmio energetico

PowerVault NX3000 si avvale di tecnologie Energy Smart™ progettate per il risparmio energetico e il miglioramento delle prestazioni. Il design per l'efficienza energetica include:
  • Unità di alimentazione efficienti dalle dimensioni appropriate in base ai requisiti del sistema
  • Progettazione innovativa e più efficace a livello di sistema
  • Gestione termica e dell'alimentazione basata su policy
  • Componenti Energy Smart altamente efficienti basati su standard
Tutti questi elementi sono progettati per aumentare l'efficienza energetica sui server Dell più recenti per centri dati e per offrire le prestazioni richieste dalle aziende.
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 Customisation and Set-Up

EDT Installation
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