Wyse Thin Clients and Software

Windows 10
intel core
Dell Wyse Ophelia

Available ModelsCloud client computing including Wyse thin, zero and cloud client PC

Dell Wyse WSM
Dell Cloud Connect
Wyse 3000 Series
Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager
Wyse WSM Software
High performance, secure desktop and application virtualization that is cost-effective, easy to manage and configure. Now a part of vWorkspace which is called "Wyse vWorkspace WSM".
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Cloud Connect
IT-managed enterprise client with outstanding portability, security and rich user experience for accessing a broad range of applications and content in the cloud.
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3000 Series Intel-based
We’ve raised the bar with a dual-core Intel-based thin client that offers excellent multimedia performance and broad connectivity.
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Wyse Cloud Client Manager (SaaS) Software
Empower users, protect data and help cut costs through secure access to apps and content on select user devices with Wyse® Cloud Client Manager.
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Poweredge R730
Dell appliance for wyse - citrix
Dell Wyse WCM
Wyse 3000 series thin client
Wyse Appliance – vWorkspace
Gain VDI capability and easy access to Windows apps with the Dell Appliance for Wyse – vWorkspace.
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Wyse Appliance – Citrix
Gain full virtual desktop capability and complete user mobility with the Dell Appliance for Wyse - Citrix.
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Wyse Configuration Manager (WCM) Software
Easily configure Windows Embedded Wyse thin clients and minimize administration time and costs with Wyse Configuration Manager (WCM).
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3000 Series
Efficient, easy-to-use thin clients for cost-effective virtual desktop sites.
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Dell Wyse 7000 Series
Wyse p25
Wyse cloud E02 zero client
Wyse D Class Thin Client and Cloud PC
7000 Series
High-performance thin client equipped with accelerated graphics and multimedia.
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PCoIP VMware Zero Clients
PCoIP Zero client for VMware® built for CAD, 3D solids modeling, video editing and more.
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1000 Series
Entry-level zero clients for Microsoft® Windows MultiPoint® Server for low-cost, quick connectivity via USB or Ethernet cabling.
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5000 Series
Thin client for virtual desktop environments also serves as a powerful yet compact cloud desktop.
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Wyse 5000 Series AIO with PCoIP
Wyse 5212 aio
5000 Series All-in-One with PCoIP
Simplify security and management with a virus- and malware-immune all-in-one thin client featuring Wyse ThinOS, PCoIP and a 21.5" display.
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5000 Series All-in-One
Increase security and make desktop management easy with a virus- and malware-immune all-in-one thin client featuring Wyse ThinOS and a 21.5" display.
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5000 Series with PCoIP
Performance and security that rivals a zero client with PCoIP software decode, WiFi support, and multi-session support for various VDI environments
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