PowerEdge 2420 24U 서버 랙 케이스

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PowerEdge 2420 24U 랙 케이스

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Dell PowerEdge 2420 랙 케이스

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Dell PowerEdge 2420 Rack Enclosure - Exceedingly strong and secure

Exceedingly strong and secure

With a static load rating of 1,500 lbs and a standard 600 mm wide x 1070 mm deep form factor, the Dell PowerEdge 2420 rack enclosure can provide the necessary capacity to hold a variety of data center equipment in a compact configuration.

Stabilizer feet, included with the rack, attach to the front and sides of each 2420 rack enclosure for increased stability. Interconnect kits are available to link adjacent rack enclosures

Lockable side panels and front and rear doors provide security for data centers, remote offices, wiring closets, factory floors and other server environments.
Dell PowerEdge 2420 Rack Enclosure - Important PDU mounting features

Important PDU mounting features

In addition to U-space power distribution unit (PDU) mounting, the PowerEdge 2420 rack enclosure has specially designed trays inside the rear doors to easily mount vertical PDUs, without using any tools, so they won't interfere with air circulation.

Dell vertical-mount PDUs are available in a number of sizes and can be combined within a rack. The trays in the standard 2420 rack can hold up to four half-height units.
Made to Stay Cool

Made to Stay Cool

The 2420 rack is deeper than the previous generation of Dell racks (1071mm vs. 1000mm), so there’s more space for hot air to move outside. Flexible air dams help keep hot air from moving from the back to the front, a problem common in many racks.

For hot-aisle/cold-aisle thermally efficient datacenter topologies, its footprint matches standard 2-foot floor tile placement to optimise access to cold air.

Removable Tail-bars

A Bundle of Cable Management Options

The increase in size to 1071mm helps the 2420 rack accommodate servers with deeper dimensions, while still providing space for cable ma nagement. The large open base and dual side panels with removable sections on both sides provide more options for cable access.

Removable “tail bars” at the top and bottom of the back frame eliminate a common obstacle to power and cable routing. The bars can be reattached after the cables are in place.
Other access features include:
  • Dual rear doors
  • Reversible front door
  • Removable front and rear door
  • Rotating rear castors
  • Easily accessible leveling feet


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