Vostro 270s

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Vostro 270s 데스크탑

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Vostro 270s Compact Small Business Desktop
Keep pace with your growing business.
Whether you’re drafting spreadsheets, creating presentations or processing data, you can get the job done fast with the compact Dell Vostro™ 270s, featuring up to 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ i3 and i5 processor options and Windows® 7 Professional.
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Make your work something to see.
Graphics-intensive websites and digital content will come to life before your eyes. Rich visual capabilities come standard with the integrated Intel® HD graphics on the Vostro 270s.

The desktop that fits your style and your workspace.
Turn your office into a model of efficiency and productivity. The compact Vostro 270s can save valuable desk space while offering the features, connectivity and functionality to enable you to work the way you want to.
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Vostro 270s Compact Small Business Desktop
Setup is a breeze, no IT manager required.
Get your systems up and running quickly so you can get to work without losing valuable time. With the Dell Vostro™ 270s, you’re ready to go, right out of the box.
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Dell ProSupport and security features can offer peace of mind.
Your busy office requires optimal performance. With Dell ProSupport™, your virtual IT staff is standing by to help when you need it. And you can rest easy knowing that your data and your systems are protected with the help of both software and hardware security.
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Help conserve your budget and the environment.
Help contain your operating budget with the energy-efficient and compact Vostro 270s desktop. It offers outstandingly low power draw enabled by a 220W power supply.

Opt for vital IT services and security.
Enjoy world-class security and IT support options with your Vostro™ 270s desktop.

Vostro 270s Compact Small Business Desktop
Your complete IT solution.
Enjoy a suite of dedicated IT support 24/7. Dell™ ProSupport™ helps minimize downtime with phone, online or on-site support. Opt for Dell™ Next Business Day Onsite Service after Remote Diagnosis for on-site repairs.
Vostro 270s Compact Small Business Desktop
Protect assets with solid security.
Help protect sensitive data by opting for simple and easy-to-use security solutions including Dell DataSafe™ online backup service. Choose preinstalled business security options such as Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Business Security service.
Vostro 270s Compact Small Business Desktop
Accidents are easily handled.
Face it, accidents can happen. Dell offers additional protection to cover accidental damage to your Vostro™ 270s desktop. Dell Accidental Damage Service can help keep you up and running after any unexpected accidents.


  • Intel® B75 칩셋

옵티컬 드라이브

  • 16X DVD-ROM 드라이브
    16x CD/DVD 쓰기 가능 드라이브(DVD+/-RW), 더블 레이어 쓰기 가능


  • 내장형 10/100/1000 이더넷
    Dell Wireless 카드(DW1506), 1x1, 802.11bgn


  • 8-in-1 미디어 카드 리더기


  • Trend Titanium 3.1
    물리적 보안 – 케이블 잠금 섀시 보안 슬롯 및 자물쇠 고리

    백업 옵션

    Dell DataSafe Online 백업


  • 내장형 220와트 전원 공급 장치(PFC, nPFC, EPA)


    100~240VAC, 50~60Hz


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