PowerConnect B-RX8 Chassis Switch

Intel® Core™

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The PowerConnect B-RX8 is a Layer 2/3 highly available switch that scales cost effectively from the enterprise edge to the core.

  • Versatile switch for enterprise datacenters, virtualized environments
  • Built for Data Center efficiency
  • High availability with hitless failover and upgrades

PowerConnect B-RX 8 Switch

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The PowerConnect B-RX 8 is a Layer 2/3 highly available switch, that scales cost effectively from the enterprise edge to the core.

Modular Layer 2/3 Ethernet Switch

Emerging needs such as application convergence, non-stop operation, scalability and IPv6- readiness place new demands on the network. Modern network solutions must be assessed across a wider set of attributes than earlier generation equipment. In particular, the network must be evaluated on merits that include performance, reliability, scalability, quality of service, security and total cost of ownership (TCO).

The PowerConnect B-RX 8 Layer 2/3 Ethernet switch excels in all of these areas, enabling network designers to deploy an Ethernet infrastructure that addresses today’s requirements with a scalable architecture designed to support network growth and evolution. The PowerConnect B-RX 8 incorporates the latest advances in switch architecture, system resilience, quality of service and switch security in a family of modular chassis setting leading industry benchmarks for price-performance, scalability and TCO.

High Availability Architecture

Redundant and resilient design ensures high availability operation for demanding environments. This includes a Management Module that is systems configured with dual management modules with sub detection and fail-over, as well as Switch Fabric Elelment Redundancy and Hitless Management Failover. In addition, the chassis supports M+N power (M = Number of supplies needed for fully loaded system and N = 1 to M supply redundancy) module redundancy for AC and DC power configurations.

Advanced Capabilities in the Datacenter

Industry-Leading Layer 2 Features
To provide self-healing topologies in Layer 2 configurations, the PowerConnect B-RX 8 supports industry standard Ethernet protocols including Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP), per VLAN STP (PVST) and per VLAN group STP (PVGST). It also supports Brocade Metro Ring Protocol (MRP) for sub-second service restoration in ring topologies. Additionally, it supports multi-instance spanning tree, VLAN topology grouping and VLAN tunneling for advanced Layer 2 service configurations.

Robust Layer 3 Feature Set
With Brocade IronWare™ software suite brought to you by Dell™ , the switch includes scalable EGP and IGP routing protocols such as BGPv4, OSFP, IS-IS, Direct Routing, Policy-Based Routing, and a Comprehensive Multicast Feature Set. In addition, the PowerConnect B-RX 8 includes VRRP and VRRPE, enabling the switch to operate as a backup router to other network routers. In the event of a router failure, the PowerConnect B-RX will automatically and seamlessness perform the tasks of the failed router.

Advanced Quality of Service

The PowerConnect B-RX 8 Allows administrators to enforce QoS policies based on port, VLAN, source MAC, ACL rules, 802.1p priority, Type of Service (ToS), DiffServ settings or Rate Limiting status

  • Very Low Latency Across all Packet Sizes: Consistent low latency for strict priority applications such as voice over IP, high performance computing and video over IP
  • Configurable Combinations of Queuing Disciplines and Congestion Control Policies: Combinations of Strict Priority (SP) and Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ) provide flexibility for network administrators. In the event of egress port congestion, traffic policies can be configured for tail drop or weighted random early detection (WRED) operation.
  • Advanced Bandwidth Management: Allows intelligent bandwidth management using hardware based enforcement of Committed Information Rate (CIR) with Excess Burst control capabilities and seamless integration with other advanced QoS features including priority marking and honoring.


Advanced Security

Wire-speed Extended Layer 2, Layer 3 and 4 Access Control Lists (ACL) control packet forwarding and restrict access to the system management interface, while providing wire-speed switching and routing:
  • Extensible ACL Implementation for Layer 3 and 4 Information: Identifies traffic based on source or destination IP address, IP protocol type, TCP or UDP port, IP precedence or ToS values
  • Flexible ACL Implementation for Layer 2 Information: Identifies traffic based on source or destination MAC address, Ethernet type, VLAN-ID values and 802.1p values
  • ACL Scalability: Support for up to 8,000 ACLs
  • Ease of Administration: Identify an ACL by name or number, or add a comment line for ease of administration
  • Secure Shell and Secure Copy: Provides secure access to the administration and management interface over the network

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