SonicWALL WAN Acceleration Series


Noticeably enhance WAN performance

Optimize your existing bandwidth and help improve the end-user experience for increased productivity.

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SonicWall WXA Series


The SonicWALL solution for faster application performance.
The SonicWALL solution for fast application performance
Transmitting a growing number of files across your WAN is part of business daily life, but it doesn’t mean your network has to slow down. Instead of adding more bandwidth for remote and branch offices, conserve your present bandwidth and help your wide area network (WAN) applications run quickly with the SonicWALL® WAN Acceleration Appliance (WXA) Series.
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Help eliminate duplications in your bandwidth
The SonicWALL WXA appliance remembers data that's been previously transferred across your network and replaces repeated byte sequences with an identifier. Subsequent transmissions need only send new or changed data, which cuts down on duplicate information and helps reduce latency for peak network performance.
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Seamless integration for flexible deployments 
Unlike standalone WAN acceleration products that are deployed either behind the firewall or between the firewall and WAN router, SonicWALL WXA solutions seamlessly integrate with SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewalls. This helps maximize security and performance by enabling comprehensive scanning for intrusions and malware before accelerating the traffic across the virtual private network (VPN) or dedicated WAN link. It also helps simplify the placement, deployment, configuration, routing, management and integration of WXA with other parts of your security solution.
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