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• Now shipping worldwide, PowerEdge VRTX designed specifically for remote and small office environments to eliminate  complexity and sprawl of disparate IT devices
• New Solutions Ecosystem showcases the deep breadth of vertically oriented and workload-optimized solutions for PowerEdge VRTX

Dell today announced worldwide availability of Dell PowerEdge VRTX, the first converged IT solution designed specifically for remote and small office environments, with enterprise-class capabilities in a desk-side, space-saving design. Overall, PowerEdge VRTX provides a simplified and scalable data center in a box which solves for the sprawl of disparate IT devices and multiple management tools.

Dell also introduced its VRTX Solutions Ecosystem, a collection of partners working to further extend  the value and capabilities of PowerEdge VRTX by delivering complementary and interoperable best-of-breed services and software designed for specific customer vertical markets and use cases. The VRTX Ecosystem is made up of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEM), global alliances, channel partners, and will leverage various Dell solution portfolio offerings.

“PowerEdge VRTX has already received rave reviews from early evaluation customers and we look forward to more customer feedback now that it’s available worldwide. Designed from the ground up to uniquely address the issues of office IT, we’re proud of customer-inspired innovations PowerEdge VRTX features, such as huge internal shared storage capacity and unified systems management of all resources inside the chassis,” said Sally Stevens, vice president of marketing, Dell Server Solutions. “Additionally, the VRTX Solutions Ecosystem is yet another example of how Dell is taking an omni-channel approach to bring differentiated solutions to market.”

PowerEdge VRTX Solutions Ecosystem
The PowerEdge VRTX Ecosystem initial partners and solutions include:

• Microsoft—Together, Dell and Microsoft are working on solutions for PowerEdge VRTX to enable high levels of efficiency and performance for small and medium-sized businesses; this includes:
The OpenManage Integration Suite for Microsoft System Center 2012 and OpenManage Cluster Configurator for Windows Server 2012 integrate VRTX embedded management technology, iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller, to drastically simplify the process and time typically required to configure, deploy and manage networking, storage, and compute nodes.  Initial tests indicate a time savings from the range of hours to deploy a cluster to just minutes using OpenManage Cluster Configurator. For ongoing management, Dell’s OpenManage Integration Suite for Microsoft System Center provides full lifecycle management.
o Dell tested and qualified PowerEdge VRTX for desktop virtualization workloads, hosting users running Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Remote Desktop Virtualization Hosted (RDVH) on Windows Server 2012. In July, Dell is updating the Dell DVS Enterprise for Windows Server 2012 reference architecture with VRTX sizing guidelines to enable customers in remote and small office environments to deploy RDS and RDVH with confidence.  
• VMware—Using Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter™ Server and Dell PowerEdge VRTX with VMware vSphere®, SMBs and remote/branch offices can realize the benefits of virtualization in a way that is simple, automated, agent-free, and efficient.  IT administrators can manage virtualized environments e effectively and with fewer tools. 
• PowerEdge VRTX solution development is also underway with leading healthcare and retail ISV and OEM partners including Amulet Hotkey, Carestream, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics for Retail and Varian to provide Dell and ISV customers with converged solutions for compute-intensive applications relied upon by healthcare practices and retailers.
• Multiple channel partners recently engaged with the VRTX Solutions Ecosystem, including: Dasher, Dynamic Quest, En Pointe, Fluid Consulting, Information Systems Intelligence, IT Weapons, LANAIR, ProSys, SHI and Veristor.

Customers can benefit from deploying the enhanced and validated solutions developed by the PowerEdge VRTX Solutions Ecosystem, which are optimized for maximum performance and scalability.


Alliance Partners
Brad Anderson, corporate vice president, Server and Tools Business, Microsoft
“Microsoft is pleased that Dell’s PowerEdge VRTX will offer small and medium sized companies the enterprise capabilities of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and System Center. Together, Dell and Microsoft are giving our joint customers simpler, more cost-effective solutions for remote and small office environments.”

Toni Adams, vice president, Global Partner and Alliances Marketing, VMware
“VMware has a longstanding partnership with Dell, and we continue to deliver virtual infrastructure solutions for organizations of all sizes that can be deployed quickly and easily. Dell PowerEdge VRTX with VMware vSphere® and the Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter™ Server empowers SMBs and remote/branch offices to obtain simplicity, efficiency and flexibility through virtualization, while enabling the IT department to manage virtualized environments effectively and with fewer tools.”

Channel Parnters
Neil Hawkins, COO/Partner, LANAIR
"Dell PowerEdge VRTX is a converged IT solution that will enable us as a Dell partner to really stand out from the competition by providing enterprise-class capabilities to our customers with remote and small office environments. The interaction we had with Dell's product team early in its development really showed us that Dell is committed to developing a strong partner ecosystem."

ISVs and OEMs
Ishai Tal, head of platform, Carestream
“I have worked in the IT industry for over 10 years and this is the first time that I have seen a solution for the medical IT that consolidates servers (blades), storage and networking into one single chassis. It’s a revolutionary product and one that will change the way that small/medium hospitals and other healthcare organisations with a number of branches manage their IT infrastructure. As a provider of healthcare information system technology, Dell’s PowerEdge VRTX could set us apart from others in the industry as we are able to provide our customers with exactly what they want and need – a consolidated, simplified infrastructure that can be managed by just one person (rather than separate storage and server administrators) from a centralised console. Our smaller healthcare clients no longer need to purchase separate storage and servers, but can instead opt for a more cost-effective solution that still offers the level of performance and storage capacity that they require.”

• PowerEdge VRTX is now available worldwide via channel partners and, and has starting configurations priced at $10,000 USD.

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