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White papers, brochures and data sheets

  1. Storage Training

    Storage Training

    Make storage implementation simple with Dell Compellent and EqualLogic training. Whether you want to simplify administration, optimize your resources or improve disaster recovery, it’s all possible with our intuitive training modules.

  2. Plant a Tree with Dell

    Join Dell’s Plant a Tree Program: Offset emissions while supporting reforestation

    Dell Plant a Tree program helps customers offset emissions, supports reforestation through CarbonFund.org and Conservation Fund.

  3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 NIC Optimization and Best Practices with EqualLogic SANs

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 NIC Optimization and Best Practices with EqualLogic SANs

    Dell EqualLogic PS Series arrays provides consolidated networked storage in a self-managing iSCSI storage area network (SAN) that is affordable and easy to use, regardless of scale.

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    Dell Agile Consulting Service for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Datasheet

    Learn how to make your marketing, sales and customer service more efficient and effective with Dell Agile Consulting Services.

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    Dell Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Appliance Brochure

    The Dell OEM Solutions can provide the products, services and support you need to offer a total appliance solution without getting into the hardware business yourself.

  6. A Message From Michael Dell

    Successful, innovative companies tend to aspire to a greater purpose that goes beyond the bottom line. At Dell, we have always believed that technology should be about enabling human potential.

  7. Advancing Diversity and Inclusion at Dell

    Dell is committed to inclusion and diversity. Our mission is to succeed in the marketplace by fostering a winning culture in which Dell employees are talented, committed, reflective of our global customers and recognized as our greatest strength.

  8. Collaborating in the Name of Energy Efficiency

    The Green Grid: Collaborating in the Name of Energy Efficiency

    The Green Grid is a collection of green IT professionals who look for new ways to make data centers energy efficient and maximize their resources.

  9. Collaborating in the Name of Energy Efficiency

    Dell Warranties Servers for Fresh Air Cooling

    The Green Grid is a collection of green IT professionals who look for new ways to make data centers energy efficient and maximize their resources.

  10. Collaborating in the Name of Energy Efficiency

    Dell Blade Servers: Reduce IT management costs & improve energy efficiency

    Environmentally conscious IT managers have a tough job: Running a large data center can be a drain on resources. While energy consumption is a primary concern, the demand for improved productivity is equally pressing.

  11. Trend Micro Small Business Products


    Protect your business, your reputation and your future from Web threats with Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security.

  12. CA Government Volume Licensing


    CA Government License Program offers education, government, healthcare and nonprofit organizations the benefits of volume licensing without membership obligation.

  13. CA Open Volume Licensing


    CA Open License Program (OLP) is designed to help aggregate purchases for better software pricing.

  14. BMC Licensing Comparison Chart


    BMC Software offers two volume software licensing programs — transactional and contractual.

  15. BMC IT Business Management Suite


    The BMC IT Business Management Suite provides chief information officers and IT leaders with a single integrated solution to help manage the business aspects of running an IT organization.

  16. ride_roses_50-100.pdf
  17. Dedicated Remote Workstation Brochure

    Dedicated Remote Workstation Brochure


    Comprised of the Dell Precision R5400 and the optional Dell FX100, the Dedicated Remote Workstation was designed to help overcome the limitations of traditional KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) offerings.

  18. EqualLogic Family Brochure

    EqualLogic Family Brochure

    Simplified, unified, virtualized Dell EqualLogic storage is ideal for companies and organizations with growing data and performance needs.

  19. Industrial PC — Dell OptiPlex XE

    Dell OptiPlex XE2

    The Dell OptiPlex XE is a desktop designed with flexibility and stability for your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) solution.

  20. Industrial PC — Dell OptiPlex XE

    Dell OptiPlex XE2

    The Dell OptiPlex XE is a desktop designed with flexibility and stability for your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) solution.

  21. OEM-Ready Hardware

    Dell offers custom-branded 1U and 2U servers by removing Dell logos and labels. Leverage the Dell brand for your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hardware needs and preview our platforms here.

  22. The Efficient Data Center Lowers Costs, Risks Profile and Environmental Impacts

    Save money, mitigate business risk and do the right thing for the environment by leveraging Dell solutions to optimize data centers. As we know from firsthand experience, virtualization, automation and consolidation are the keys.

  23. Virtual Desktop Assessment

    Dell Desktop Virtualization Blueprint Assessment

    Get the information you need to make an informed decision about desktop virtualization and to determine how it can help you address your specific IT challenges.

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    Dell OEM Services Fact Sheet

    Reduce complexity and lower costs with solutions developed and delivered specifically for your organization, your solutions and your customers. As a result, you can focus on the strategic needs of your business.

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    IT consulting for Microsoft Dynamics AX Datasheet

    Is your organization looking for ways to gain control of your organization, manage your supply and demand channels, and build strong relationships with your customers or constituents? Let Dell consultants help boost your organization’s satisfaction and increase productivity and provide fast accurate answers based on Dell’s best practice approach to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  26. Drive Business Innovation With Energy Efficiency

    Innovation is spurred by filling a need and energy efficiency is quickly turning into just that. Dell has responded by building energy efficient data centers that rely on virtualization and smart servers.

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    Dell Modernization Services for SAP solutions


    Update your existing SAP environment to meet the growing demands of a mobile workforce with Dell Modernization Services for SAP Solutions — a tool that can help you take advantage of your investments and achieve a more agile, open-source and cloud computing environment.

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    Dell HPC Scalable Storage Building Block — Disk Pool Manager


    Review the architecture, performance and best practices for configuring the disk pool manager storage solution for the Dell HPC Scalable Storage Building Block.

  29. Dell Commercial Terms of Sale, License agreements & policies


    This agreement applies to direct commercial purchasers (including Small, Medium and Large Business and Government and Public sector customers) of Dell hardware, software and services and commercial end-users who purchase through a reseller.

  30. dell-customer-master-services-agreement.pdf

    Dell Customer Master Services Agreement


    As of October 1, 2010 all purchases of Dell hardware, software and services by commercial customers pursuant to the Dell Commercial Terms of Sale (CTS). The CTS replaces the Dell Customer Master Services Agreement (CMSA) in its entirety.

  31. Network training

    Dell Networking™ Training

    Train on Dell Networking™ products and learn how to better design, troubleshoot and tune performance for the best possible network performance and availability.

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    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services Offer Brochure

    In order to realize a return on your investments in Microsoft stack and MS Dynamics CRM, you need a proven global systems integrator. Dell is a one-stop shop for your MS Dynamics CRM needs. This brochure provides an overview of the service, the technology and the benefits.

  33. PremierConnect Solution

    How It Works

    Discover how easy ordering can be by integrating your procurement system. Dell offers electronic procurement from catalog to payment.

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    Modernization Services for SAP Solutions (includes video)

    Read how customers can change their SAP technology infrastructure to achieve greater efficiency.

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    Dell's Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Sheet

    Leverage Dell’s proven expertise with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help your business make faster, smarter decisions.

  36. Get started with Dell Cloud preconfigured bundles

    Dell Cloud Partner Program

    Learn how the unique, enterprise-class online bundles from Dell can make getting started with cloud simpler and safer than ever.

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  38. Bamboo Packaging

    Bamboo — Nature's Eco-friendly Packaging Solution

    Bamboo packaging is the newest innovation in packaging. The compostable material is sustainable and eco-friendly, and is the perfect material for the next evolution of packaging.

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    Dell Modernization Assessment for SAP


    Improve business efficiency and achieve higher return on investment by getting more value from SAP. With Dell Modernization Assessment for SAP, you can cut costs, increase IT productivity, and improve flexibility and agility.

  40. Training credits

    Training Credits

    Give you an effective and simple way to help you when your exact training needs are unknown.

  41. Virtualization helps Emerson eliminate 100-plus data centers

    Emerson used Dell servers to virtualize and consolidate its data centers, eliminating 3,600 servers, 131 data centers and decreasing operating costs by 15 percent annually.

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    Dell Cloud On Demand

    Dell Cloud On Demand offers flexible options for extending your virtualized data center. Select from either a pay-per-use model and pay only for what you use, or pick the reserved model for a predictable monthly charge.

  43. Dell Limited Hardware Warranty & Return Policy


    This limited hardware warranty applies to Dell-branded hardware products, including Dell-branded peripheral products.

  44. PremierConnect Key Features

    Key features

    Maximize your ERP capabilities with a secure electronic B2B solution.

  45. Dell Services

    Cloud service close-up: EMS Email Continuity

    Effectively eliminate email downtime from local infrastructure outages, database corruption, viruses and more — at a fraction of the cost.

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    Dell Migration Service for SAP applications


    Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) for SAP applications by reducing your dependency on complex and costly proprietary platforms with Dell Migration Service for SAP applications.

  47. Dell Services

    How it works: Dell EMS Email Continuity

    Ensure your workers are sending and receiving messages within minutes of an email outage. Our standby email system helps ensure that millions of users at over a thousand organizations always have access to email.

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    Dell Agile Consulting Service for Microsoft SQL Server

    Dell Agile Consulting Services can help you fast-track your Microsoft SQL Server rollout at a fixed price.

  49. Dell Services

    FAQs: EMS Email Continuity

    Have questions about keeping your email up and running? Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

  50. Cloud Workshop

    Cloud computing workshop

    Begin your journey with an introduction to cloud computing. Learn how you can transform your data center with Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service using a public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

  51. Dell | Oracle Tested and Validated Configurations

    Find out detailed information on Dell | Oracle product offerings and supported configurations.

  52. Integrating Dell With Multivendor Networks

    Introducing a second networking vendor will reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for most organizations by at least 15 percent to 25 percent over a 5-year time frame.

  53. Novell® Master License Agreement

    Novell Master License Agreement

    The Novell Master License Agreement (MLA) program is designed for large global organizations that desire greater benefits based on long-term, high volume purchasing commitments.

  54. VRD_XenDesktop_Licensing_Guide

    Virtual Remote Desktop XenDesktop Licensing Guide

    Register Dell Virtual Remote Desktop XenDesktop license.

  55. McAfee System Security


    The threat from spyware and viruses changes constantly, requiring an actively shifting defense. McAfee AntiSpyware and Active Virus Defense offer protection for all of your points of entry.

  56. McAfee Total Protection for Data


    McAfee Total Protection for Data offers strong encryption, authentication, data loss prevention and policy-driven security controls to help you prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive information — anytime, anywhere.

  57. Microsoft Developer Tools


    Microsoft Visual Studio Team System with the Team Foundation Server offers a unified development environment and programming model for constructing a range of software solutions.

  58. Microsoft Desktop Applications


    With the 2010 Microsoft Office system, you can save valuable time, organize your workload, manage your information, stay connected and collaborate better.

  59. Poweredge M Series Blades

    Dell PowerEdge M-Series Blades Input/Output Guide (En inglés)


    Redundant I/O (input/output) modules provide high availability in Dell PowerEdge M-Series blade servers.

  60. Custom Fulfillment Services

    Custom Fulfillment Services

    The Dell Americas Business Unit (ABU) Custom Fulfillment Services (CFS) simplifies IT for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers.

  61. World Wide Recycling

    Dell's worldwide technology recycling options

    Customers across the globe can recycle their unwanted electronics through the convenient and responsible recycling programs of Dell.

  62. Supplier Diversity

    Supplier Diversity Overview

    Dell's key differentiator is our direct-to-customer business model — building superior, direct customer relationships with an increasingly diverse marketplace.

  63. Cloud Assessment

    Cloud Computing Road Map Accelerator

    Discover the right cloud computing solution for you. Based on an in-depth analysis of your current architecture, Dell will help you determine which applications to place into public, private or hybrid clouds, along with a road map for implementation.

  64. On-Demand_Desktop_Streaming_Deployment_Guide

    On-Demand Desktop Streaming Deployment Guide

    Deploy On-Demand Desktop Streaming, using a client image stored on either a standalone server or a highly available configuration of servers, and shared by all clients.

  65. Corporate Responsibility Report Archive

    Welcome to the Corporate Responsibility Report archive page. Download Corporate Responsibility Reports from 1998 to 2009.

  66. Business Partnerships

    Dell diversity partnerships and community initiatives reach out to multicultural customer groups and benefit diverse communities to promote access to technology, talent, business and education in our communities.

  67. Interconnect Technologies — Extreme Networks

    Extreme Networks designs, builds and implements sophisticated Ethernet solutions for the toughest challenges in network connectivity and IP-based communications.

  68. Interconnect Technologies — Force 10 Networks

    Force10 Networks is a pioneer in building and securing reliable, high-performance networks, and in delivering innovative and reliable technology to transform networks into strategic assets.

  69. Interconnect Technologies: Mellanox

    High-performance clusters require infrastructure capabilities to deliver high-bandwidth, low-latency and low CPU overhead.

  70. Dell OEM Solutions

    Rely on Dell to provide you with the world-class, custom hardware and services you need — so you can focus your time, talent and resources on application innovation and development.

  71. Follow the Ecolabel

    Follow the eco-labels

    ENERGY STAR-qualified and EPEAT-registered products make it easy to select energy-efficient, sustainable products

  72. Cloud Design and Implementation

    Cloud Computing Design and Implementation

    Partner with Dell to design and implement a cloud computing solution customized for your organization with software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and/or infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

  73. Supreme Court Decision: Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

    We have received many inquiries about our future plans in the area of political spending in light of the recent Supreme Court Decision regarding Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

  74. Details on U.S. Dell Giving

    Thank you for your interest in the Dell corporate giving program. We will soon launch a new giving strategy that is both meaningful and reflective of the global IT company we’ve become.

  75. Dell Supports Goals of the Conflict Minerals Act of 2009

    Dell Supports Goals of the Conflict Minerals Act of 2009

    Dell has commended U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott on the introduction of the Conflict Minerals Trade Act in the House of Representatives.

  76. Our Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

    As a promise to our stakeholders, corporate responsibility is a set of positive actions designed to address our commitments to our communities, our planet and our people — while acting with purpose and integrity.

  77. Business Intelligence Workshop

    UNIX to Linux Efficient Enterprise Workshop

    Take the first step toward infrastructure modernization. Receive an overview of migration services, technology and recommendations for your organization.

  78. Application Delivery and Load Balancing for VMware View

    Application Delivery and Load Balancing for VMware View

    Learn about F5 Network’s BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) usage and configuration in combination with VMware’s View 3.0 solution.

  79. Dell Red Hat Enterprise Linux Solutions

    Dell and Red Hat make it easy to manage RISC migration to a cost-effective, flexible and scalable IT infrastructure. Contact us to learn more.

  80. Virtualization Efficient Architecture Workshop

    Efficient Architecture Workshop

    Discover how next-generation technologies such as rapid provisioning, automatic high availability and cloud-ready infrastructures can transform your data center.

  81. Diversity FAQs

    What is Dell's definition of "global diversity"? What makes it global?

  82. Unified Communications

    Unified Communications (UC) integrates email, chat, fax, voice mail, telephony and audio/video conferencing with core Microsoft Office applications, and provides a framework for supporting mobile users.

  83. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

    Empower your people to work together more effectively — and more intelligently — with Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

  84. Active Directory Migration

    Active Directory Domain services and dependent technologies can enhance performance throughout your organization's infrastructure and create a productive, secure and reliable technology environment.

  85. Business Intelligence Workshop

    Oracle PeopleSoft Upgrade Advisory Services

    Take the first step toward upgrading your PeopleSoft system with a Dell Services workshop, system assessment and project plan based on your business and IT requirements.

  86. Business Intelligence Workshop

    Oracle E-Business Systems Health Check

    Discover how effectively your organization is using Ebusiness and find out how to maximize the benefits of your current architecture.

  87. Business Intelligence Workshop

    Oracle E-Business Upgrade Advisory Services

    Take the first step toward upgrading your Ebusiness system with a Dell Services workshop, system assessment and project plan based on your business and IT requirements.

  88. Business Intelligence Workshop

    UNIX to Linux Migration Assessment

    Gain a complete understanding of your current UNIX/proprietary environment and find out how a Linux migration will impact your infrastructure and applications.

  89. The Role of Standards

    To deliver effective solutions that meet customer challenges, Dell focuses on pivotal standards that drive future technology innovation.

  90. Cloud and Virtualization Consulting

    We assess your data center environment, provide recommendations to resolve immediate problems and address longer-term issues.

  91. Dell prosupport

    ProSupport for OEM

    Extend your warranty by 90 days on OEM-Ready hardware with comprehensive global support at no additional cost.

  92. Citrix logo

    Dell and Citrix: Data Center Virtualization

    With server virtualization solutions from Dell and Citrix, end users can access Citrix virtual desktops anytime, on any device while data stay secure and centralized.

  93. Unix to Linux Migration

    We provide Unix to Linux migration advice, roadmap planning, assessment of current infrastructure and design through to validation and deployment.

  94. Data Center Capacity Planner

    Right-size your IT equipment and environment for maximum efficiency.

  95. Business Intelligence Workshop

    UNIX to Linux Migration Design

    Partner with Dell to create a complete migration strategy and test-drive Linux in your preproduction environment.

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    Force10 Adit 600 Datasheet

    A Gateway that Combines Multi-Network Access and Multi-Service Delivery Capabilities into a Single Chassis

    With over 120,000 units in service, Force10 Networks’ Adit



    ® 600 is the most widely deployed, carrier-grade Converged Services Access Gateway in the industry. Optimized for a wide range of applications, the Adit 600 combines multi-network access and multi-service delivery capabilities into a single chassis. This results in an extremely cost-effective, compact, and flexible access platform that simplifies the migration from TDM to nextgeneration VoIP and IP data services for service providers and small to medium business (SMB) customers.

  97. Click here to read PDF

    Force10 MasterSeries Datasheet

    The Force10 Networks’ MASTERseries platform is designed for aggregating and optimizing backhaul of cell site traffic over any TDM, ATM, Ethernet, and pseudowire transport network. Purpose-built for cell site and small hub site deployments, the highly flexible platform supports integrated pseudowire and layer 2 Ethernet switching capabilities, ATM inter-working, and advanced Abis transport optimization, as well as DS0 grooming/DCS, from a single compact shelf.

  98. Click here to read PDF

    Force10 Traverse Datasheet




    Force10’s Traverse® Family of Multiservice Transport Switches delivers new levels of versatility, reliability and performance to metro service edge networks by enabling diverse network operators to increase bandwidth apacity and deliver new carrier Ethernet and IP services more rapidly and efficiently. The NEBS-compliant, carrier-grade Traverse platform provides aggregation, switching and transport of Carrier Ethernet and TDM services from a single shelf. With scalability up to 100 Gbps per shelf, the Traverse is optimized for metro networks and high capacity aggregation sites in central offices, colocation facilities and service hubs.

  99. VMware vSphere™ Reference Architecture for Small Medium Business

    VMware vSphere™ Reference Architecture for Small and Medium Business

    Learn about detailed reference architectures and best practices for deploying VMware vSphere infrastructure in a small to medium business.

  100. Citrix_VirtualDesktop_ROI_WhitePaper

    Citrix Virtual Desktop ROI White Paper


    Using conservative default assumptions, Citrix XenDesktop may reduce desktop operations costs by an average of 40 percent and pay for itself within six months.


  1. C1100_Scooby_R.jpg

    PowerEdge C1100 Systemboard Disassembly


    This information is provided as a guide to removing some of the more common and easily replaceable parts within this system. ***See Safety Precautions below*** Observe the following safety precautions before performing any installation or break/fix procedures involving disassembly or re-assembly: --Turn off the system and any attached peripherals. --Disconnect the system and any attached peripherals or cables, including disconnecting the AC power and system battery. --Disconnect any telephone or telecommunications lines from the system. --Use a wrist grounding strap and mat when working inside any computer system to avoid electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage. --After removing any system component, carefully place the removed component on an anti-static mat. --Wear shoes with non-conductive rubber soles to help reduce the chance of being shocked or seriously injured in an electrical accident.

  2. trust-your-x86-server-video.jpg

    Trust your x86 server transition to Dell

    As a major x86 server vendor exits the market, you face a transition that leads to questions about supporting your critical workloads.

  3. latitude-13-7000-overview-video-en.jpg

    Latitude 13 7000 Series 2-in-1 product overview

    Business productivity, without compromise. The world's most secure 2-in-1 is here.

  4. latitude-5000-series-overview-video-en.jpg

    Latitude 5000 Series product overview

    Built for work. Designed to impress. A true business-class workhorse in a thinner, lighter design packed with features to help you get more done.

  5. latitude-3000-series-overview-video-en.jpg

    Latitude 3000 Series product overview

    Business-class computing starts here. The Dell Latitude 3000 Series is the most secure entry-level business laptop.

  6. latitude-e6430s-palm-rest-disassembly-v1.jpg

    Latitude E6430S: Palmrest disassembly

    This video shows you the correct method to remove the Palmrest disassembly on your Latitude E6430S. For more information, including safety precautions and detailed system specifications visit dell.com/manuals.

  7. latitude-e6430s-bluetooth-disassembly-v1.jpg

    Latitude E6430S: Bluetooth Module disassembly

    This video shows you the correct method to remove the Bluetooth Module disassembly on your Latitude E6430S. For more information, including safety precautions and detailed system specifications visit dell.com/manuals.

  8. latitude-e6430s-lcd-hinge-caps-disassembly-v1.jpg

    Latitude E6430S: LCD Hinge disassembly

    This video shows you the correct method to remove the LCD Hinge disassembly on your Latitude E6430S. For more information, including safety precautions and detailed system specifications visit dell.com/manuals.

  9. software-defined-networking.jpg

    Dell’s Approach to Software Defined Networking

    Dell and our Open Networking partners deliver SDN solutions for investment protection, direct access to open source innovations and real freedom from lock in.

  10. Dell Storage SC4020 Array

    Dell Storage SC4020, a compact storage powerhouse. Go from start to scale with the Dell SC4020, get all the benefits of enterprise-class storage at an exceptional value.

  11. precision-t5600-workstation-review.jpg

    Dell Precision T5600 Workstation Review

    The Dell Precision T5600 is a powerful workstation in a compact package designed for complex 3D modeling, scientific analysis, and engineering.

  12. modular-flexible-architecture.jpg

    Modular, flexible architecture that avoids rip and replace

    Innovation that saves series: Modular, flexible architecture that avoids rip and replace

  13. precision-t3600-mid-range-workstation-review.jpg

    Dell Precision T3600 Mid Range Workstation Review

    The Dell Precision T3600 is a powerful mid-range workstation designed for 3D modeling, engineering, digital creation and CAD/CAM work.

  14. optiplex-3011-desktop-video.jpg

    Dell OptiPlex 3011 All-In-One Desktop with Touch Screen

    The OptiPlex 3011 All-in-One is an affordable touch-optional desktop PC featuring business-class reliability, stability and management.

  15. ProSupport_9_26-H264.jpg

    Dell ProSupport

    Explore all the ways that ProSupport from Dell can support your business needs.

  16. keep-your-data-safe-with-endpoint-encryption.jpg

    Keep your data safe with Dell Endpoint Encryption

    How to securely manage your endpoints from a single console while simultaneously providing self-service features for your end-users

  17. enable-the-business-and-stop-threats-with-a-new-security-strategy.jpg

    Enable the business and stop threats with a new security strategy

    Stop Letting Security Threats Stop You from Advancing Your Business

  18. zero-day-attacks-are-you-really-ready.jpg

    Zero-Day Attacks: Are You Really Ready?

    Discover ways to take advantage of modern-day network security tools and services for ongoing protection against new threats

  19. 5-identity-and-access-management-myths-debunked.jpg
  20. game-over-for-gameover-zeus-disrupting-a-global-cybercriminal-operation.jpg

    Game Over for Gameover Zeus: Disrupting a Global Cybercriminal Operation

    How did the Gameover Zeus botnet operate and deliver its malware payloads to thousands of systems worldwide?

  21. esupport-replace-notebook-memory-video-en.jpg

    How to Replace Notebook Memory

    This video will guide you through replacing the memory in a Dell notebook. For more information about replacing parts in your Dell computer, check our video library or the product manual for your specific computer.

  22. dell-partnerdirect-app-video-en.jpg

    Dell PartnerDirect Deal registration app video

    Watch Dell PartnerDirect Deal registration app in action and see how easy it is to use

  23. esupport-creating-a-new-array-video-en.jpg

    Creating a New Array on LSI® 9271 RAID Controllers

    Learn how to create new RAID arrays on your LSI 9271-8i. For more information on RAID topic check out dell.com/support.

  24. modernize-your-sap-video.jpg

    Modernize your SAP Landscape with Dell and SAP Sybase ASE

    Moving enterprise applications to efficient, cost-effective platforms helps organizations gain a competitive edge. Discover how Dell and SAP modernization solutions help cut migration risk while avoiding costly, prolonged downtime.

  25. storage-center-os-and-software.jpg

    Dell Storage Center OS and Software

    ​Dell’s Storage Center OS and software helps you achieve better business results by getting the maximum productivity return from every solid-state drive (SSD) or hard disk (HDD) you buy.

  26. Dell Services for SAP

    Dell’s widening range of SAP services include SAP functional services for a range of verticals, platform and migration services, and services for the SAP Hana appliance.

  27. 5130cdn-color-laser-printer.jpg
  28. How do I Increase Agility with New Ways to Store and Use Information?

    IT Managers can turn data into asset, by securely storing and managing data.

  29. increase-productivity-enabling-real-time-video-en.jpg

    Increase Productivity by Enabling Real-Time, Anywhere Collaboration

    Create a team of star players by giving them the tools to collaborate whether at home, at the office or on the road.

  30. add-services-consulting-video-en.jpg

    How Do I Increase Efficiency with New Ways of Delivering IT Agility?

    Moving to the cloud can be a daunting task for IT Managers looking to increase their organisations’ agility

  31. consulting-services-whiteboard-video-en.jpg

    How Do I Increase Productivity by Mobilising my Workforce?

    IT Managers today are faced with questions about how to Mobilise their teams so that they can work productively anywhere, anytime.

  32. data-sec-revenue-increases.jpg

    Partnership with Dell can increase revenue by 400%

    Data-Sec forecasts a 400% revenue increase through partnership with Dell Software.

  33. Watch how Dell Software helps German IT service provider Choin!

    Dell Software helps German IT service provider choin! keep their business growing and their customers secure.

  34. ultra-hd-monitors.jpg

    Refresh today with Dell Ultra HD monitors

    Experience today’s technology improvements when you refresh with Dell Ultra HD monitors.

  35. maximize-your-service-potential-dell-sp-video.jpg

    Maximize your revenue potential with the Dell Service Provider Program

    Access Dell's portfolio of solution offerings; diversify and grow your business; become your customer's one stop shop for all their ITaaS needs.

  36. red-hat-technical-final.jpg

    Dell Red Hat Cloud Solutions Video - Technical Overview

    Get technical configuration details in this video describing Dell and Red Hat Cloud Solutions powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

  37. red-hat-cloud-solutions-overview.jpg

    Dell Red Hat Cloud Solutions Video - Introduction

    Learn how Dell and Red Hat Cloud Solutions powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform deliver open, flexible massively scalable private clouds.

  38. esupport-introduction-to-raid-concepts-eng-v3.jpg

    Introduction to RAID Concepts

    Learn about the basic concepts of RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). RAID enables computers to improve data security, system performance, or both. This is the first video in a series intended to help you understand how RAID operates.

  39. esupport-aw-live-from-the-lab-alien-adrenile-video-en.jpg

    Using the Game Mode on Alienware’s AlienAdrenaline

    Learn to use Alienware's AlienAdrenaline Game Mode to personalize your in-game experience.

  40. esupport-uefi-firmware-settings-from-windows-8.1-video-en.jpg

    Access UEFI (BIOS) System Setup from Windows 8

    Having trouble accessing the UEFI BIOS on your computer? In just a few clicks, Windows 8 will restart and boot directly to the BIOS.

  41. esupport-understanding-raid-levels-v4-video-en.jpg

    Understanding RAID Levels

    Learn more about RAID implementations. Which RAID level best suits your needs?

  42. esupport-replacing-the-fuser-on-laser-printer-v3-video-en.jpg

    Replacing the fuser on Dell Laser printers (C2660dn, C2665dnf, C3760n/dn and C3765dnf )

    Watch this video to learn how to replace the fuser in your Dell C2660dn, C2665dnf, C3760n/dn and C3765dnf laser printer.

  43. esupport-how-to-download-drivers-v1-video-en.jpg

    How to use Drivers and Downloads

    Learn how to identify, download and install drivers to ensure your Dell is working at its full potential.

  44. nvidia-geforce-gtx-titan-z-collision-video-en.jpg

    GeForce® GTX™ TITAN Z video

    GeForce® GTX™ TITANZ video

  45. latitude-3300-video.jpg

    Dell Latitude 3330 Education and Small Business Laptop

    An affordable laptop, ideal for education and small business with an aluminum design and powerful processors for stand-out performance.

  46. trust-your-x86-server-claims.jpg

    Trust your x86 server transition to Dell

    As IBM exits x86, you face a transition that leads to questions about supporting your critical workloads. See how Dell answers them in this video.

  47. advantage-customer-video.jpg

    Dell Advantage Customer Video

    This video shares about the Dell Advantage Customer.

  48. windows-server-2003-migration-service-video-en.jpg

    The time is now to engage Dell Windows Server 2003 Migration Services!

    time is now to engage Dell Windows Server 2003 Migration Services!

  49. why-refresh-product-video.jpg

    Why Refresh?

    Refreshing your systems with Dell's secure, managable and reliable products will increases producivity and security plus save you money in the long run.

  50. why-refresh-tutorial-video.jpg

    Dell Business Client ROI Estimator Tutorial

    Learn how to navigate the ROI Estimator tool.

  51. 4k2k-ultra-hd-monitors.jpg

    Dell 4K2K Ultra HD Monitors – See More Do More

    See more so you can do more with Dell 4K2K Ultra HD monitors

  52. creative-cloud-for-teams-simplifies-deployment.jpg

    G-Men Media - Creative Cloud for Teams Simplifies Deployment

    See how much deployment time G-Men Media saves with Creative Cloud for teams.

  53. what-is-creative-cloud-for-teams.jpg

    What is Creative Cloud for Teams?

    If you've heard about Adobe Creative Cloud for teams, but aren't so sure what's it all about, then take a look at this animation to learn more.

  54. lower-software-costs-for-creative-cloud.jpg

    G-Men Media - Lower Software Costs for Creative Cloud

    Find out how Creative Cloud for teams reduces G-Men Media's bottom line.

  55. rack-integration-services.jpg

    Time Lapse of Dell Rack Integration Service

    Rack Integration from Configuration Services.

  56. challenging-time-video.jpg

    Frank Rauch - It's a Challenging Time to be in IT

    Frank Rauch, VP of Americas Partner Organization at VMware, talks about the challenging environment in IT and how VMware is helping

  57. claiming-assets-video.jpg

    Benefits of claiming assets

    This video explains the benefits and process of claiming customer assets.

  58. renewal-portal-video.jpg

    Renewal portal Dell Software

    This video covers the features and benefits of Dell Software Renewals Portal (SDRP) for Security services. This gives an overview of how the program works.

  59. latitude6430u-final-1080.jpg

    Dell Latitude 6430u Business Ultrabook with Windows 8

    Ultra thin, lightweight and designed for business, the Dell Latitude 6430u Ultrabook is beautiful and powerful.

  60. less-maintenance-and-more-innovation.jpg

    VMware & Dell - Less Maintenance and More Innovation

    VMware's Dave O'Callaghan discusses Dell & VMware deliver less maintenance & more innovation to customers.

  61. cloud-with-vmware.jpg

    Datacenter Management: Dell Cloud with VMware

    Learn more about what Dell and Vmware can bring to your datacenter.

  62. cloud-with-vmware-vcloud-service.jpg

    Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Service

    Dell partners with VMware, brings virtualization and the public cloud together in one single interface.

  63. innovative-licensing-that-lasts.jpg

    Innovative licensing that lasts

    Innovation that saves series: Innovative licensing that lasts

  64. worried-about-migrating-from-windows-server-2003.jpg

    Worried About Migrating From Windows Server 2003?


    This video provides you an overview of how Dell can help you with comprehensive solutions at each stage of your Windows Server 2003 migration journey.

  65. trust-your-x86-server.jpg

    Trust your x86 server transition to Dell

    As IBM exits x86, you face a transition that leads to questions about supporting your critical workloads. See how Dell answers them in this video.

  66. Dell_EqualLogic_PS4100Series_Storage_Video.jpg

    Dell EqualLogic PS4100

    Product Spotlight video covering the EqualLogic PS4100 Series products, including teh PS4100E, PS4100X, PS4100XV, and PS410XV 3.5.

  67. Networking-PowerConnect-power-over-ethernet-switches-video.jpg

    PowerConnect PoE

    Highlight of PowerConnect switches with PoE capability.

  68. storage-sc4020-array.jpg

    Dell Storage SC4020 Array

    Dell Storage SC4020, a compact storage powerhouse. Go from start to scale with the Dell SC4020, get all the benefits of enterprise-class storage at an exceptional value.

  69. simplify-your-organization-with-dell-premier.jpg

    Simplify your organization with Dell Premier

    Learn how Dell Premier can provide your organization with a customized, secure online toolset for purchasing, reporting and product support, all backed by a dedicated account team. Reliable, efficient and available 24/7.

  70. 2014-jugheinrich-10013588-venue-workforce-flexibility.jpg

    Jungheinrich AG benefits from the flexibility of Dell Venue Pro series tablets - Video


    A German logistics company won more than €15 million of new business from trade fair through interactive product demonstrations and real-time lead reporting to central systems using Dell Venue Pro tablets running Windows 8.1 Pro.

  71. 2014-uab-10013605-cloud-storage-openstack.jpg

    The University of Alabama at Birmingham - Video


    World-renowned research institute implemented an on-demand storage solution to meet the needs of researchers using OpenStack™, PowerEdge and Dell Deployment services.

  72. 2014-hargrove-10013622-precision-autocad-rendering.jpg

    Hargrove maintains an efficient and accurate output by teaming AutoCAD software with Dell Precision workstations - Video


    Hargrove produces more than 1,000 events a year with greater efficiency, speed and flexibility using Dell Precision workstations and AutoCAD software as its primary operational platform — cutting turnaround times for floor plan design by two-thirds.

  73. The P&V Group prepares for Solvency II regulations with Dell Compellent flash storage arrays - Video


    Leading insurance firm runs SAS® Risk Management for Insurance software on Dell Compellent flash-optimised storage arrays. As a result, it has boosted the speed of reporting by 70 per cent to ensure compliance with Solvency II legislation.

  74. CommVault.jpg

    TechTube: How to collect CommVault logs

    This video will guide you through the steps necessary to collect the logs on CommVault Backup Servers

  75. csm-animation-dellblue.jpg

    Dell Client Systems Management Video

    Dell offers the world’s most manageable client devices by building unique systems management capabilities into our Latitude, OptiPlex and Precision (and also Venue Pro 11) systems. Our free automation tools help automate and streamline system deployment, monitoring and updating in complex IT environments. Plus you get our unique vPro capabilities.

  76. equallogic-sizzle-final.jpg

    Balance Fast Performance and Efficiency with Dell EqualLogic

    Learn how new EqualLogic PS6210 Series arrays accelerate virtualization and deliver higher IOPS for your data-intensive and virtual environments. EqualLogic scale-out NAS appliances offer further benefits with file de-duplication and compression.

  77. tablet-reliability-dell-video.jpg

    Dell Tablet Reliability

    Dell product experts review tablet usability, testing, materials and design.

  78. jtg-daughtery-selects-dell.jpg

    NASCAR team JTG Daugherty Selects Dell to Speed Past the Competition

    JTG Daugherty Racing deploys Dell Rugged computing solutions to manage race operations on and off the track. With Dell Rugged, JTG Daugherty is able to collect performance statistics, analyze data and implement changes much faster than before.

  79. why-dell-rugged.jpg

    Why Dell Rugged?

    Computing solutions in harsh environments require maximum durability. Failure could jeopardize the mission or be costly. With Dell Rugged, you get field-ready technology that’s reliable, capable, and manageable in the most extreme conditions.

  80. latitude-rugged-extreme-product-video.jpg

    Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme Product Video

    Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme notebooks. Built for the toughest jobs on Earth

  81. intelligent-data-placement-from-servers-to-san.jpg

    Intelligent data placement from servers to SAN


    Innovation that saves series: Intelligent data placement from servers to SAN

  82. full-featured-flash-at-the-price-of-disk.jpg

    Full-featured flash at the price of disk


    Innovation that saves series: Flash at the price of disk

  83. easy-to-deploy-manage-scale-and-use.jpg

    Easy to deploy, manage, scale and use


    Innovation that saves series: Easy to deploy, manage, scale and use

  84. dell-cloud-with-vmware-vcloud-datacenter-service-video.jpg

    Dell Cloud On Demand

    Meet peak IT demands with Dell’s Hosted vCloud offering.

  85. vcenter.jpg

    OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter

    Help manage Dell™ servers from within your VMware vCenter console through an agent-free plug-in.

  86. eql-understanding-firmware-release-types-en.jpg

    EqualLogic: Understanding PS Series Firmware Release Types

    New firmware often provides new or enhanced features. In some cases, they may resolve technical conflicts or local environment issues. Watch this video to better understand how Dell identifies different types of firmware upgrades for your PS Series array. This includes major, minor, patches and hotfixes.

  87. Redefine the Economics of Enterprise Storage with Dell

    Innovation that saves series part 5: Flash at the price of disk

  88. why-choose-dell-networking.jpg

    Why Choose Dell Networking

    Dell offers a differentiated choice in networking to help organizations achieve their goals in the virtual era

  89. esupport-learn-about-dell-site-video-en.jpg

    Getting Started with Dell's Online Support

    Whether you've been a Dell customer for years, or if this is your very first Dell, take a few minutes to learn about the tools and capabilities of Dell's Support site. If you give us a few minutes of your time, you're almost certain to learn something new and you may never want to call support again.

  90. ODE_publish_video1_1.jpg

    How to Use Dell PC Diagnostics

    Learn about Dell's online diagnostic tool. Dell PC Diagnostics can identify and resolve many common configuration issues, and diagnose hardware faults and assist in troubleshooting common Windows errors. Watch this video to learn how to use this new feature from Dell. To get started now visit dell.com/diagnostics.

  91. worried-about-migrating-from-windows-server-2003.jpg

    Worried about migrating from Windows Server 2003

    As the 14 July 2015 deadline looms for the end of Windows Server 2003 support, many customers are concerned there is not enough time to migrate all servers and applications. Dell provides comprehensive solutions to help organizations of all sizes at each step of their Windows Server 2003 migration journey.

  92. desktop-virtualization-wyse-1.jpg

    Workloads: Dell Desktop Virtualization for 2014

    Brian Madden speaks with Dell's Fahd Pirzada to learn how we combine hardware, software and services to create the ultimate desktop virtualization experience.

  93. dell-wyse-cloud-connect-video-en.jpg

    Dell Wyse Cloud Connect demo

    Explore the features, benefits, and use-cases of Dell Wyse Cloud Connect and how it could benefit your company.

  94. ultrasharp-mltimedia-monitors-overview.jpg

    Dell Ultrasharp Multimedia Monitors overview

    Boost you team's productivity with the Dell Ultrasharp Multimedia Monitors. Optimized for Microsoft Lync, these three monitors offer a complete multimedia experience.

  95. esupport-android-dell-pocket-cloud-ver-01.jpg

    How to Setup the PocketCloud Remote Desktop and Explore Apps on your Dell Venue (Android)

    Dell Venue 7 & 8 tablets come with Dell Pocket Cloud preinstalled. Pocket Cloud allows you to remotely connect and control your computer. Pocket Cloud can let you connect to a computer running Windows, or OSX. This video shows you how to download and setup the companion app on the computer you wish to connect to, and how to use your Android tablet to connect to it.

  96. esupport-contact-dell-on-twitter-v3-video-en.jpg

    Contact Dell on Twitter

    Rather type than talk? Contact us on Twitter. Troubleshoot problems, arrange service calls and get answers without ever lifting the phone.

  97. dell-channel-video-en.jpg

    Dell and the Channel

    Bob Skelley discusses Dell's commitment to the Channel

  98. chromebook-11-pcmag-review-video.jpg

    PC Magazine Video Review of the Dell Chromebook 11

    Learn why PC Magazine’s lead analyst gave the Chromebook 11 an excellent 4 out of 5 rating, saying “you may find this laptop in your school in 2014 or 2015.”

  99. xps-13-pc-mag-review-video.jpg

    PC Magazine Video Review of the Dell XPS 13

    Learn why PCMag’s Lead Analyst concludes that the XPS 13 is “a road warrior’s dream machine” due to its long battery life.

  100. Desktop_Virtualization_Delivery_Models.jpg

    Desktop Virtualization Delivery Models

    Learn about the options you can select during the implementation process, options that include implementation, ownership and operation of the finished solution.

Case Studies

  1. Click here to read PDF

    Coal Services refreshes and consolidates its virtual reality platform saving money and resources


    Australian rescue and safety trainers refreshes its VR system and cuts development costs with an end-to-end Dell infrastructure featuring Precision workstations, PowerEdge servers, PowerVault storage, Wyse thin clients, KACE systems and ProSupport.

  2. Click here to read PDF

    Amulet Hotkey uses Dell servers and OEM Solutions to create customized training and simulation models for the defense industry


    U.K. technology provider builds customised, high-performance solutions for defence simulations using a Dell PowerEdge R720 rack server with Intel® Xeon® processors from Dell OEM Solutions and Amulet Hotkey zero clients.

  3. Click here to read PDF

    Fulton County provides highly available secure remote access for government workers


    County government connects 2,000 workers to key resources during blizzard using a Dell SonicWALL E-Class Secure Remote Access (SRA) EX7000 solution.

  4. Click here to read PDF

    Chengdu University of Information Technology (CUIT) collaborates with Dell to devise energy efficient VDI


    Chinese IT university standardizes learning environments and promotes innovation while achieving costs savings through a virtual desktop infrastructure powered by Dell Wyse thin clients, PowerEdge servers, EqualLogic storage and Networking switches.

  5. Click here to read PDF

    Pearland ISD uses virtual desktop infrastructure to refresh classroom IT and implement BYOD


    Independent school district avoids $4 million in costs to replace and update nearly 10,000 desktop PCs across 24 K–12 campuses with Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010 and a range of learning applications by using a Dell cloud client-computing solution.

  6. Click here to read PDF

    MBS Logistics drives company growth with scalable IT


    Logistics business deploys Dell EqualLogic storage, Dell PowerEdge servers and Dell switches as part of an IT refresh project. Staff have boosted their performance and the business is driving global expansion with flexible IT.

  7. Click here to read PDF

    Seracell Pharma AG improves IT with automated systems management and upgraded desktops


    A pharmaceutical company boosts staff performance and reduces costs by upgrading to Dell OptiPlex desktops running Windows® 7. Automating systems management with Dell KACE helps cut IT administration by 60 per cent.

  8. Click here to read PDF

    Blue Zoo


    Award-winning animation studio deploys Dell PowerEdge C6220 servers for a render farm, Dell Networking 7048 switches to boost data access and Dell Precision T1650 workstations to maximise staff productivity while working on a high-profile TV show.

  9. Click here to read PDF

    Roanoke County Public Schools


    Public high school students in Virginia enjoy more personalized learning with their own take-home Dell Latitude laptops that are preloaded with all the applications and resources they need to succeed.

  10. Click here to read PDF

    University of Maryland University College (UMUC)


    Innovative university with an active online structure migrates to the latest desktop computers and software quickly, efficiently and with minimal risk using Dell products and services, enhancing the IT experience for faculty, staff, and students.

  11. Emergency Operations Center

    Emergency Operations Center (EOC), State of Oklahoma


    Having just replaced old PC workstations with a Dell™ Desktop Virtualization Solution, Oklahoma’s Emergency Operations Center was ready to respond when a tragic tornado struck. The solution includes Dell Wyse thin clients and PowerEdge servers.

  12. Click here to read PDF

    John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School


    Australian community school enhances all round learning and integrates technology into teaching plans to improve delivery of curriculum by overhauling aging laptop fleet with efficient and robust Dell Latitude Ultrabooks.

  13. Click here to read PDF



    To provide improved customer service and to increase business efficiency, a major supermarket chain works with Dell to enhance IT capabilities while upgrading its organization-wide operating systems without business disruption.

  14. Click here to read PDF

    Noel-Baker School


    School deploys Dell PowerEdge servers, EqualLogic storage, PowerConnect switches and the KACE Systems Management Appliances – along with Dell OptiPlex and Latitude machines. Students gain engaging learning environments for better results.

  15. Click here to read PDF



    OBI in the Czech Republic maintains its leading market position with greater employee productivity thanks to 100 percent improvement in key applications.

  16. Click here to read PDF

    WMS Gaming


    WMS Gaming equips new facility with 40GbE Active Fabric and next-generation storage, improving application performance and reliability while saving six figures.

  17. Click here to read PDF

    Indianapolis Public Schools


    Indianapolis Public Schools optimizes storage performance for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with solid-state drives (SSDs) and perpetual licensing, saving $2 million every desktop refresh cycle.

  18. Click here to read PDF

    Blue Quills First Nations College


    Blue Quills First Nations College eliminates downtime while offering more educational opportunities to students.

  19. Click here to read PDF

    Ward Hadaway


    Ward Hadaway helps employees maximise customer service by rapidly updating PCs and completing inventory checks 87 percent faster thanks to efficient systems management.

  20. Click here to read PDF



    USKH automates imaging processes, gaining better visibility into machines and saving 65 percent in inventory management costs.

  21. Click here to read PDF

    Socorro Independent School District


    Socorro Independent School District delivers modern computing capabilities on 10-year-old desktop computers using VDI technologies.

  22. Click here to read PDF



    Standardizing on Dell provides HFF end users with systems that optimally meet their needs.

  23. Click here to read PDF

    ACG Texas


    Restaurant management company ACG Texas saves 40 hours a month of staff time and nearly $50,000 a year with Dell multifunction printers.

  24. Click here to read PDF

    How Dell Does IT: Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP


    Dell’s lean supply chain nearly halves IT COGS through novel use of ERP.

  25. Click here to read PDF

    Keller Independent School District


    Keller ISD multiplies the time available for innovation 10-fold.

  26. Click here to read PDF

    University of Louisville School of Dentistry


    University of Louisville School of Dentistry supports clinical practice with Dell Wyse thin clients.

  27. Click here to read PDF

    Northwest Mississippi Community College


    Northwest Mississippi Community College saves 50 percent of desktop costs with virtualization.

  28. CMC



    CMC enjoys 80 percent reduction in downtime with Dell Wyse cloud PCs.

  29. Click here to read PDF

    Weissman, Nowack, Curry & Wilco, P.C.


    Weissman, Nowack, Curry & Wilco saves projected $200,000 over five years using Dell Wyse zero clients

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