Dell Consulting Services


  • Determine business objectives and project requirements
  • Receive an assessment of your current system
  • Identify the right path for upgrading your Ebusiness system and develop a high-level project plan

Develop a Successful Ebusiness Upgrade Strategy

As technology evolves, your organization must constantly evaluate and upgrade your system resources. But do you know:

  • Which path will lead to significant operational savings?
  • How you can reduce or eliminate customization and make future changes easier to manage?

Dell can help you find the answers with our Ebusiness Upgrade Advisory Services.

How It Works

We start by meeting with your executive planning team to define business objectives and project requirements. We then evaluate your application and technical environment, along with your Ebusiness suite, to determine which upgrade option is right for you:

  • Technical Upgrade: Review of technology stacks, followed by end-user training on new functionalities and features
  • Reimplementation: Realignment of business processes to map to new functionalities

Next, we create a technical and application migration plan to execute the Ebusiness upgrade, including migration of data, integrations and enhancements. We also use our Upgrade Accelerator toolkits to shorten the project timeline.

In the final stage, we consult with your team to develop system modifications and custom reports using the standard capabilities of Ebusiness whenever possible.

Learn how to take your Ebusiness system to the next level. Contact Dell Services today.