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  1. ImageDirect vs. Microsoft ImageX — A Time Savings Evaluation

    17 Sep 2010

    Creating images with Dell ImageDirect, instead of Microsoft ImageX, saved an average of 93 percent of IT staff time, according to a June 2010 study by Principled Technologies.

  2. Storage Implementation Data Sheet

    28 Jun 2010

    Get the expert help you need to get your new storage products up and running quickly with Dell Storage Implementation services. Our certified technicians use proven methodologies to minimize provisioning time.

  3. X-Image Data Sheet

    16 Apr 2010

    With X-Image, Dell image management experts can build one hardware-independent image that works across new and legacy Dell systems, as well as enable interoperation with legacy systems from other vendors.

  4. Premium Image Management Services Data Sheet

    20 Mar 2010

    Optimize IT management by outsourcing resource-intensive tasks to the experts at Dell.