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  1. ProDeploy Enterprise Suite

    The Dell ProDeploy Enterprise Suite helps you get more out of your technology starting on day one. Trust Dell experts to lead deployments from planning, basic hardware installations to configuration, and complex integrations.

  2. Rack Integration

    Let Dell rack and cable your server and storage products at the factory so your equipment arrives ready for installation.

  3. Imaging

    Have your image loaded on your PCs prior to shipping. We can even integrate this service with Microsoft SCCM.

  4. Managed Deployment

    A single point of contact plans and orchestrates all deployment tasks, so your new PCs go from the factory to your end users — online and ready to use.

  5. Asset Tagging and Reporting

    Want to be able to control and effectively manage the status of your computer equipment? Our asset tagging and reporting services make identifying, tracking, securing and recovering your computers easier, simpler and more affordable.

  6. Optimized Deployment

    Dell EMC applies its consulting services to execute a fully automated managed deployment designed to reduce cost, save time, mitigate risk and minimize disruption to end-user productivity.

  7. System Configuration

    We can install hardware components and software prior to shipping, so you receive your systems pre-configured and ready to go.

  8. Storage Integration

    Eliminate the hassle and complexity of installing new storage systems. Dell engineers will get your storage products installed right the first time and help maximize performance and scalability.

  9. Network Integration

    Rely on Dell experts to deploy your switches and routers correctly the first time — and to optimize your network for maximum return on your data center investment.

  10. ProDeploy Flex for Data Center

    ProDeploy Flex for Data Center, a flexible service model that allows you to adopt and implement new technology efficiently and cost-effectively.