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  1. Supporting the Complex Data Center White Paper

    This IDC white paper outlines the importance of support services in data center environments.

  2. ProSupport for Software Supported Applications

    This data sheet provides a list of all software applications entitled by your ProSupport for Software service contract.

  3. ProSupport Plus for PCs and Tablets

    ProSupport Plus provides the support essentials to reduce IT effort, protect devices and prevent issues from happening.

  4. TechDirect

    Train staff and support your systems with this self-service portal designed to help IT teams work more efficiently

  5. SupportAssist Community Group

    Join the conversation on the user forum, access technical resources including technical videos.

  6. SupportAssist Community Group

    Ask questions, get answers and watch tutorial videos on this community dedicated to SupportAssist.

  7. User Guide

    End users will learn more about using SupportAssist on their PC.

  8. Deployment Guide

    IT teams use this guide for set-up instructions on how to deploy SupportAssist to send alerts for end user PCs to TechDirect. The online portal TechDirect provides a single view of PC issues across your company, making management easier

  9. Brochure

    View this two-page brochure to learn more about how SupportAssist can help you support your PCs with less effort.

  10. SupportAssist for PCs (64-bit Windows)

    IT teams can deploy this version to manage issue alerts within TechDirect on behalf of their end users.