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  1. Wyse 3000 Series Executive Summary

    More organizations than ever before are now moving to desktop virtualization to improve security, ease ongoing desktop management and maintenance, and lower ongoing costs. To help achieve these benefits, Dell offers the Wyse Intel-based 3000 series thin client.

  2. Coffee Break : Server Virtualization 101

    09 Jun 2014

    Although requirements and priorities will vary from one organization to another, the starting point for any organization considering server virtualization is to build a compelling business case. This paper answers questions such as: What is virtualization? Why move to virtualization? and Where to begin?

  3. Coffee Break : Server Virtualization Usage Cases

    09 Jun 2014

    x86 server virtualization technologies enable the separation of the operating system and applications from the physical hardware through the presentation of virtualized hardware. This paper discusses use cases where server virtualization can help with 3 ways: Maximixe efficiency, Simplify Operations, and Increase agility

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