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  1. Scale Your Data Center - Right into the Cloud

    15 Nov 2012

    Learn how to scale your data center and move seamlessly into a private cloud with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Dell PowerEdge 12th-generation servers that run on Intel Xeon processors.

  2. What Dell and Windows Server 2012 Can Do for You

    01 Oct 2012

    Accelerate the virtualization of your infrastructure with Dell PowerEdge servers running Windows Server 2012. Discover versatile, available and scalable solutions to help you improve productivity, lower costs and prepare for cloud computing.

  3. vStart 50m Fast Track with Windows Server 2012

    23 Aug 2012

    Bring agility to your organization and achieve the benefits of virtualization rapidly with Dell vStart 50m, a pre-engineered and prebuilt virtualization solution optimized for Microsoft Windows Server 2012.