2014 Co-Inventor of the Year
Liam QuinnLiam Quinn, Technology Strategy Development, Fellow

Liam has 32 years in the industry working in hardware and software design, primarily in networking. He is an Adjunct Professor at Dublin Institute of Technology, University of Texas @ Austin and Texas State University. He also has a Dell Board seat with Wi-Fi Alliance and UT Wireless Networking Communications Groups.

Liam had 26 authorized patent filings in FY14. In his 17+ year career at Dell, He has had 76 authorized patent filings and 25 granted US patents.
2014 Co-Inventor of the Year
Deeder AurongzebDeeder Aurongzeb, Engineering Technology Sr. Principal Engineer, CTO Office

Deeder has spent 12+ years in science and technology with 9 years as a staff scientist and 3+ years as a technologist. He has 30 granted patents and 25 peer-reviewed publications.

Deeder had 26 authorized filings in FY14. In his 2-year career at Dell he has 45 authorized disclosures from the office of the CTO where he drives global reliability and materials technology strategy.
2013 Inventor of the Year
Pathangi (“Jana”) Janardhanan Pathangi (“Jana”) Janardhanan, Network Development Engineer Director

We are proud to recognize Pathangi (“Jana”) Janardhanan as Dell’s FY13 Inventor of the Year. Jana heads the Dell Networking Technology efforts in Chennai, India, and drives the requirements for Network Operating System enhancements. He’s a member of Dell’s Enterprise Networking Patent Committee and his win represents some significant firsts: Jana is our first-ever winner from outside of the Austin Development Center and our first winner from an acquisition (Force 10).
2012 Inventor of the Year
andy sultenfussAndy Sultenfuss, Distinguished Engineer, End-User Computing CTO Group

Andy is Dell’s first two-time winner of the Inventor of the Year award (also recognized in 2009). During his career with Dell, he’s had more than 50 invention disclosures authorized for filing with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office — 20 of which have already been granted as U.S. patents. His invention topics in 2011 included thin mobility design, power management, LCD display and touch, and sensors and gestures.
2011 Inventor of the Year
Tim LambertTim Lambert, Senior Developer, Server Portfolio Systems Engineering

Each year, Dell honors outstanding inventors among its employees. This patent year, Tim Lambert was recognized for his innovative work in several technical areas. Tim focuses on bridging high-level, strategic system architectures into scalable platform solutions for Dell server products. His recent focus has been on various aspects of systems management. Each invention represents an innovative approach designed to benefit Dell customers.
2010 Inventor of the Year
Guarav ChawlaGaurav Chawla, Enterprise Technology Strategist, Office of the CTO

Gaurav focuses on enterprise network storage solutions with particular emphasis on Internet SCSI (iSCSI), Fibre Channel over Ethernet and Fibre Channel technologies, network attached storage, storage management and intelligent data management.
2009 Inventor of the Year
Andy SultenfussAndy Sultenfuss, Senior Strategist/Architect, Business Client Advanced Engineering Group

Andy helps drive architectures for Dell™ Latitude™ systems. His recent patent work has focused on system-in-system patents that address practical problems of multiple-machine integration.

2008 Co-Inventor of the Year
Mukund KhatriMukund Khatri, Server Software Strategist, Dell Server Advanced Engineering Group

Mukund focuses on strategic Dell technologies, particularly power and cooling, virtualization and memory reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) with about half of his patent disclosures making their way into Dell server products.
2008 Co-Inventor of the Year
Robert WinterRobert Winter, Storage Architect, Office of the CTO

Robert focuses on the communications landscape, with particular emphasis on network security, protocol off-load, network I/O (input/output) virtualization and all aspects of Ethernet technology, especially higher speed Ethernet and emerging IEEE and IETF standards.