Proactive Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance

Plan Ahead to Reduce Costs, Downtime and Surprises

The more you spend on routine maintenance, the less you have available to focus on core business and strategy. But through scheduled assessments, streamlined patch management and detailed reporting, Dell Proactive Maintenance can reduce the burden of routine maintenance — and help your IT staff to prevent downtime and increase system stability.

Proactive Maintenance, a service available to Dell ProSupport customers, starts with a detailed assessment of your IT environment. We’ll then provide you with a detailed report, make specific maintenance recommendations and work with you to design a process for applying regular system updates. Proactive Maintenance offers:
  • Predictable Costs — You’ll be able to budget and plan for periodic maintenance service up front.
  • Better Performance and Security — By always having the latest system updates, patches and drivers, you can mitigate the risk of downtime, hardware conflicts and security breaches. Dell specialists can help you avoid problems associated with incompatible hardware, software, BIOS and firmware version

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  • Budget and plan for periodic maintenance costs up front
  • Schedule maintenance and software updates with just a single phone call
  • Reduce downtime and instability by applying necessary system updates, before problems occur
  • Get expert help with your ongoing maintenance needs

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