2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Dell has been committed to doing good for people and the planet, through our technology and our expertise. Our goals set in our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan reflect that. This year, however, we combined with EMC to become a new, much larger company: Dell Technologies. We have a larger portfolio of products and services, a more diverse team and greater resources, but a continuing commitment to our planet and society.

We have realigned our Legacy of Good goals to reflect our new company. However, the spirit and ambitiousness of the goals remain. For example, we will continue to look for new and innovative ways to make our products more eco-friendly, to help educate children around the world and foster an ethical supply chain.

On their own, Dell and EMC have done great things. Together, we can do more. 

Report in Depth

overviewchallenges and opportunitiesgoals dashboardhighlightsdell by the numbers

This page gives you a broad view of what we're doing and how we're progressing.

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Challenges and Opportunities

Dell and EMC came together as one company last year. See how this gave us the change for a new perspective.

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Goals Dashboard

See how our new combined company is progressing towards our social responsibility goals.

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Our social responsibility initiatives spawn innumerable stories. Here are a few of them.

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Dell by the Numbers

Get the exact numbers on how we're moving towards meeting our social responsibility goals.

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More Information

Michael Dell Letterdell by the numberscsr report archivemateriality analysisgri
Michael Dell Letter

A message from Michael Dell on our progress corporate responsibility goals.

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Trisa Thompson Letter

Dell's Chief Responsibility Officer talks about some highlights from the past year.

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CSR Report Archive

Come see where we've been with our previous Corporate Social Responsibility Reports.

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Materiality Analysis

Dell has conducted an extensive analysis of the most material topics for our evolving business.

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GRI Report

Our report that follows under the Global Reporting Initiative standards.

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