Help Me Choose: Usage

These laptops offer a good solution for everyday computing
  • Handles daily tasks with ease
  • Budget friendly 
(Inspiron, XPS)

  • Ultrathin design
  • Advanced performance for multimedia lovers
(Inspiron, XPS)
Uncompromised form and function
  • Advanced performance for multimedia lovers
  • Superior design and craftsmanship


(Latitude, Inspiron, XPS) 
  • Swipe, tag, drag: Windows 8 is optimized for touch, making it easy to interact intuitively with your content
  • Touch keyboard and mouse: Typing feels natural whether you’re at your desk or walking around. The new touch keyboard has two modes, making it easy to work the way you want, whenever you want.



Gaming Gaming supremacy
  • Bleeding-edge graphics
  • High-end gaming performance



XPS 10 tablet

XPS 10


Latitude 10

XPS 18
XPS 18 (Full HD touch display)


XPS 12 laptop

XPS 12


Inspiron 15R

Inspiron 15z

Inspiron 15z

Inspiron 15

Inspiron 15


Touch, keyboard and mouse: Seamless integration

Windows 8 is hands-on and designed to eliminate the need to choose. You don’t have to
“work” on your PC and “play” on your tablet. The most efficient way to get stuff done is
immediately available. Whether you’re browsing apps, reading a book or typing on the go
with touch, creating a project that requires the more productive horsepower of a traditional
mouse and keyboard, or doing everything at once, Windows 8 makes it easy. You use
whatever works best, whenever it works best. No trade-offs.

On new, touch-enabled PCs, the things you can do with a mouse and keyboard are just as
easy to do with touch. You can switch between apps, organize your Start screen, and pan
and zoom. With the touch keyboard, you can navigate, type and interact on the go. Because
you work in different ways depending on which app you’re using, Windows 8 makes it easy
to use whichever method works best.

The touch keyboard has two modes designed to suit the way you work. You get a full-sized
keyboard with large buttons, or a handy thumb keyboard that splits the keys on either side
of the screen, making it easy and more comfortable to use on the go. Typing feels natural
whether you’re sitting down or walking around.

Thumb Keyboard
The innovative thumb keyboard makes typing on portable devices easier

Touch Keyboard
Type naturally with the touch keyboard

The Windows 8 keyboard speaks your language. On new, touch-enabled PCs, the keyboard
layout automatically adjusts to the language you choose for Windows, so your language
settings apply to the whole PC rather than just certain apps. Whether you want to type
and click, swipe and tap, or do a combination of both, you can navigate and work easily
and efficiently in the language of your choice with Windows 8.