Help Me Choose: NVIDIA graphics

Speed up what you love to do on your PC with
NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics

• Edit HD videos and high-resolution photos fast and easy
• Play the latest PC games the way they're meant to be played


GraphicsIntel® HD Graphics 4400* Intel HD Graphics 4600Intel® HD Graphics 55002GB GDDR5 Nvidia® GeForce GT 750M 
Systems Supported XPS 12, 13XPS 15New! XPS 13 XPS 15 
Discrete/Integrated  IntegratedIntegratedIntegratedDiscrete 
Discrete Memory --2GB 
Graphics Memory Interface  128 bit128 bit128 bit 128 bit 
Memory Type DDR3 DDR3DDR3GDDR5 
Dual Display Support Yes YesYesYes 
NVIDIA Optimus™ Technology N/A N/AN/AYes 
NVIDIA PhysX® capable N/A N/AN/AYes 

Why NVIDIA® graphics in your PC?
NVIDIA GeForce graphics offer supercharged performance in high-definition (HD) video playback and enhancements, high-resolution photo editing, accelerated web browsing, immersive 3D content and next-generation gaming. Also, dedicated graphics memory is designed to free up system memory, which helps improve the overall system and graphics performance of a PC. 
NVIDIA® Optimus technology — Great performance and great battery life
Optimus™ technology automatically switches between NVIDIA graphics and integrated graphics based on what application is being used. It delivers outstanding graphics performance when you need it, whether you're watching a high-definition (HD) movie, surfing new HTML5 websites or playing the latest DirectX® 11 games, and longer battery life when you don’t. 

Edit HD videos and high-resolution photos fast and easy
Get on with your digital life — without the wait. Upgrade to NVIDIA GeForce — it's the performance boost your PC needs to accelerate your digital life. Watch 1080p HD videos and render high-resolution photos instantly. Additional hardware and software may be required for full functionality. 
NVIDIA CUDA™ technology
Unlocks the power of the graphics processing unit (GPU) processor cores to accelerate the most demanding system tasks — such as video transcoding and photo/video editing. 
NVIDIA GeForce graphics processing units (GPUs) deliver performance and technologies for a superb gaming experience — from 3D Vision™ to surround multimonitor gaming, PhysX® and the unbeatable power of SLI® — with GeForce, you know you've got the goods. Additional hardware, drivers or software may be required for full functionality.
DirectX 11 Technology
DirectX® 11GPU with Shader Model 5.0 support designed for ultrahigh performance in the new API's key graphics feature, GPU-accelerated tessellation.
NVIDIA PhysX Technology
NVIDIA PhysX technology adds an element of realism revolutionary in gaming. With an NVIDIA GeForce GPU in your PC, experience dynamic PhysX effects such as blazing explosions, reactive debris, realistic water and lifelike characteristics.