Research Computing

Fundamental to any research is the ability to process large amounts of raw data while providing users timely access to information. Dell designs and builds research computing solutions specifically to meet these needs. In today’s climate of limited funding for academic and scientific research, a computing investment must provide value in terms of both performance and scalability. Using the latest standards-based technology solutions, Dell™ High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters deliver maximum computational power while simplifying deployment, management and scalability — at a fraction of the investment of traditional mainframe supercomputers.

Get Started with HPC Get Started With HPC
Dell has the portfolio, expertise, and experience to support large or small research requirements.

Choose a Compute Platform Choose a Compute Platform
Dell offers specialized servers and workstations to meet performance demands for breakthrough research.
  • Explore reliable platforms based on open standards
  • Maximize performance and efficiency using blades
  • Explore workstation-based supercomputer solutions 
  • Scale to size or performance with a rack solution 
  • Select an appropriate compute node form factor
  • Choose the right master/login node form factor
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