Our future

Smart. Fast. Now. That's how we grow.

With 65 interactions per second, 5.4 million discussions per day and 2 billion total interactions each year, Dell really engages with customers. We serve a diverse population that circles the globe, rounds out nearly every industry and rests at the heart of millions of households.


Strategic. Informed. Sensible. That's how we develop.

Growth begins with our customers. They are where we learn exactly what business changes we need to make to lead the way in the virtual age. And it’s not simply charts, graphs and statistics that inspire our decisions. It’s customer opinions, feedback and suggestions.

Dell maintains an active listening campaign, which we’ve expanded in recent years through our social web presence. We leverage our community connections to learn about our customers’ needs: what they want, what drives them and what will improve their lives. That research and data forms the foundation of our acquisition decisions.

Explore. Learn. Advance. That's our focus.

Whether it’s cloud-based computing, security services, hardware technologies or the unprecedented, we are always exploring new and effective solutions. We strive to preserve the characteristics and culture that made our acquired companies successful, as we integrate the new division into the global Dell culture, leveraging our own internal strengths to grow the business.

With each new acquisition, we uphold our company values of Diversity and Inclusion. We strive to create a worldwide workforce that benefits from the differences of diverse perspectives and experience. People of all backgrounds come together to do their best work at Dell. And we commit to creating an environment where each individual feels valued, supported, respected, involved and engaged.


Positive. Productive. Progressive. That's how we navigate change.

The Virtual Era is dawning. Looking back on the evolution from mainframe to mini computing, to PCs connected on client servers, to the internet era, it’s been an interesting journey. Technology is everywhere and growing in potential. We couldn’t imagine our lives without it. And we need you to help us innovate the solutions that will thrive in this new age.

Our purpose as an organization has always been clear — to deliver technology solutions that enable people everywhere to grow and thrive. That single-minded focus means that our business is free to transform and adapt to the needs of the world at large. Over the past 26 years, we’ve built a solid, worldwide Dell community:

  • 100,000+ team members in over 180 countries
  • 400,000 solutions in classrooms worldwide
  • #1 healthcare IT services provider in the world
  • 3.5 million connections via our social web community

There’s always more numbers to look at, more data to examine. Here at Dell, though, we focus more on the people part of business. We care about the lives of our customers and our team members, whose contributions keep us at the forefront of technology.