Dell Industry Solutions

  1. Energy

    Dell offers comprehensive energy solutions to help streamline IT, accelerate exploration and integrate remote operations.

  2. Dell for Financial Services

    Financial Services Solutions

    Thrive in today's complex and unpredictable economic environment. Adopt new business models that lower costs, embrace new technologies, and truly connect with customers with Dell solutions for banking, insurance and capital markets.

  3. OEM Solutions

    Dell OEM Solutions

    Dell OEM Solutions operates in 40 vertical markets and offers original equipment manufacturing to help take your products to market.

  4. Retail Industry Solutions

    Keep the cash registers ringing and your operations running smoothly — with a wide range of fully integrated, end-to-end retail solutions, from point-of-sale (POS) technologies to back-office systems.

  5. Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment

    Innovate your IT quickly and profitably with Telecommunications and Media Solutions from Dell. Learn more from Dell.

  6. Dell for web development

    Keep web developers focused on innovation, not on infrastructure. Dell provides web development solutions for internet-based companies that have scale-out architectures, immediate cloud needs and big data challenges.