Industry Solutions

Take your enterprise to new heights and outdo the competition with specialized solutions that align with your industry’s distinct challenges.
Oil & Gas


Get the right IT solutions to transform and refine your business processes so you can make energy-smart decisions fast.

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Financial Services

New business models and technologies allow you to connect with customers and adapt in today’s complex and unpredictable economic environment.

Financial Services Solutions

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Higher Education

Transform your IT services by embracing an agile, efficient and scalable architecture and practical solutions to improve learning outcomes.

Higher Education Solutions

Dell Higher Education Solutions Guide

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Original Equipment Manufacturers

Power your intellectual property (IP) and accelerate your time-to-market by leveraging the expertise and technology of Dell OEM Solutions.

Dell OEM

The Dell OEM Advantage

Infographic: Rugged OEM solutions for a rugged world

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Build a next-generation retail experience across all channels with end-to-end IT solutions.

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Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment

Innovate your IT quickly and profitably by managing the present and future states of big data through cost-effective, open-standards solutions.

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Web Development

Web Development

Focus on innovation, not infrastructure, with web development solutions designed for internet companies, scale-out architectures, cloud and big data.

Introduction to Hadoop

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