Laptop and Desktop Deployment

Make Deployment Easy, and Stay Up and Running

You’ve just placed your order for new laptops and desktops. What’s the best way to get them deployed across your entire organization without causing delays or disruption to work? And how can you reduce the influx of support calls that so often follows a hardware rollout?

Over the years, Dell has performed successful PC deployments for organizations of all sizes. We can help you get PCs from the factory to your employees’ desks, connected to your network and ready to use — whether you’re rolling out new equipment in a single office or coordinating a complex deployment across the globe.

Dell deployment experts can help keep your end users working without interruption, by minimizing installation times. We streamline the entire user state migration process by securely transferring user settings and data to the new hardware, configuring all necessary peripherals and reducing the impact on your IT infrastructure. And we can even handle removal and recycling of your old laptops and desktops with Dell™ Asset Recovery Services.

Three Levels of Laptop and Desktop Deployment Services

  • Standard Install — Our technicians perform on-site, basic installation of your new desktop or laptop computers. We deinstall computers that are being replaced, install the new ones and can transfer your critical data, even at multiple sites.
  • Managed Deployment — In addition to our Standard Install service, you get a single point of contact to plan and orchestrate all deployment tasks, so you can get new PCs from the factory to your end users' desks, online and ready to use.
  • Optimized Deployment — To achieve maximum efficiency, we apply our consulting services to automate a managed deployment and save up to 55 percent of costs.¹ You get all the services included in Managed Deployment, plus consulting services to help automate large-scale or complicated deployment projects.

¹ IDC White Paper sponsored by Dell, Dell PC Optimized Deployment Model, Document #223437, June 2010. IDC found that a company with optimized practices in all deployment activities would spend $337 less (55 percent) in IT labor per PC than a company executing each activity at the basic level.

Laptop and Desktop Deployment Case Studies

Laptop and desktop deployment services

  • Client Installation

    Client Installation

    Bring Dell technicians on-site to install new desktop or laptop computers, uninstall obsolete systems, add peripherals, securely transfer critical data and add peripherals, even at multiple locations.

  • Managed Deployment

    Managed Deployment

    Receive a single point of contact to plan and orchestrate all deployment tasks so you can get new PCs from the factory to your end user’s desks, online and ready to use.

  • Optimized Deployment

    Optimized Deployment

    Dell applies its consulting services to execute a fully automated managed deployment designed to reduce cost, save time, mitigate risk and minimize disruption to end-user productivity.

Laptop and Desktop Deployment White Papers