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NatureFresh an agile business video“I think without the digital transformation, we simply wouldn’t be in business today” says Peter Quiring,founder and president of NatureFresh Farms.
Dell EMC technology helped transform NatureFresh Farms into an industry leader;
a greenhouse business that produces fresh, delicious, nutritious food with detailed
 information about where that food came from. Learn More about NatureFresh Farms digital transformation. 

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End-to-end-solutions image End-to-end solutions.

Dell EMC offers a modern, comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end solutions that are designed to solve today’s challenges. We approach medium business challenges with a view of the big picture. Our end-to-end solutions support a comprehensive range of integrated solutions for medium business built to work better together and with a customer’s third party investments. 
Customer Choice image Customer Choice.

Dell EMC’s comprehensive portfolio of leading-edge products, services, and solutions address complex challenges across the full IT spectrum and can be tailored to satisfy the unique demands of our medium business customers. We make it our mission to understand what our customers want to achieve and the challenges they face. This informs how we design our future-facing technology so they create maximum value by continually driving up capabilities while driving down complexity and cost. 
 Open standards approach image Open, standards-based approach.

Dell EMC uses standards-based systems and takes an open approach to innovation. Rather than attempt to lock in customers and seek to block out competing products, we view the industry as a community of innovators all working together for the greater good. We set out with a vision to make technology more accessible and affordable. Standards level the playing field, which drives competition and lowers costs. 
Flexible Scaling Image Flexible Scaling.

We unleash robust functionality at any scale, allowing solutions to grow incrementally as more capability is needed – all helping to extend the product lifestyle. Today’s dynamic market has led medium business organizations to demand greater agility to quickly respond to change. 
Superior TCO image Superior TCO.

IT today is being asked to do more with the same or even shrinking budget. Some are looking for savings by extending PC refresh schedules as long as possible. However holding on to out of date equipment can be more costly in the long run. We understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your environment is critical in determining the right time to replace your systems.

unmatched service and support image Unmatched service and support.

The mission of Dell EMC Services is to provide customers and partners with the most effective and efficient business outcomes through strategic guidance and technology expertise. We aim to secure a path to future-ready technology solutions with services aligned to your IT lifecycle. Our expert services and innovative tools help you optimize spend, maximize resources, and reduce effort. 
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Digital Transformation Case Studies.

SOHO VFX house video SOHO VFX.

“From the beginning, almost 50 years ago, Dell EMC has been the technological backbone of everything we do,” says Berj Bannayan, VFX Supervisor at Soho VFX. The company first engaged Dell EMC as their partner to supply server hardware, and as they grew, Soho VFX has continued to rely on Dell EMC to provide the equipment they need to be successful. Learn more about Soho VFX’s digital transformation. 

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Tandet group video Tandet Group.

Tandet is a company that services the transportation industry, specializing in the movement of goods. Dell EMC has helped fuel a digital transformation within the company, changing the way they do business. “The impact on Tandet has been significant,” says Corey Cox, Vice President of Information Systems at Tandet. “Who we are today and who we were five years ago is virtually night and day.” Learn more about the transformation. 

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NatureFresh Farms video NatureFresh Farms.

“I think without the digital transformation, we simply wouldn’t be in business today” says Peter Quiring, founder and president of NatureFresh Farms. Dell EMC technology helped transform NatureFresh Farms into an industry leader; a greenhouse business that produces fresh, delicious, nutritious food with detailed information about where that food came from. 

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Digital Transformation in Action.

Over 20 years later, 1-800-GOT-JUNK isn't slowing down.

They may deal in other people's rubbish, but no one can trash the reputation of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? As one of Canada's most impressive recent mid-sized growth stories. 

1-800-GOT-JUNK image 
Why companies need to think about a 'digital rescue' plan.
“We started in 2010. We have had 5,000-per-cent growth over the last five years,” says Mr. Silagadze, founder and CEO of Top Hat. The company which was founded in Toronto, lets students access and use classroom presentations on their own laptops and phones.

disigtal rescue 
Why are Canadian companies so slow to adapt to digital disruption?

“Our industry [banking and financial services] is evolving into a completely digital experience. Ultimately, it’s easier for the consumer,” says Mr. Feller, CEO of Mogo, a Canadian smartphone-based financial technology company that provides consumer loans. 

digital disruption 
Mid-sized companies disadvantaged in the new digital economy.

“The biggest challenge that we’ve faced is how you scale up,” says Stuart Lombard, president and CEO of ecobee, which makes Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostats that let people control temperatures remotely in each room of a house or office.

digital economy