Dell QLogic 16G Fibre Channel Adapters

Get the most out of your network
Streamline your I/O through network convergence

Consolidate your data and storage traffic with QLogic converged network adapters (CNAs) for Dell PowerEdge servers. They offer a cost-effective way to bring 10GbE Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) to your PowerEdge data center. In addition, help ensure high performance for your applications with the ability to offload FCoE and internet SCSI (iSCSI) protocol processing to the adapter.   QLogic

 Help lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) Avoid vendor lock-in with switch flexibility Maximize the value of your IT investments

Help lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)

Consolidate your data and storage traffic and potentially reduce your hardware, cabling, cooling, power and management costs. By running LAN and SAN traffic on a single adapter, you can greatly simplify administration — there is less to manage. 
 Avoid vendor lock-in with switch flexibility

Partition your network adapter with switch-independent partitioning and pair it with virtually any 10GbE switch. QLogic CNAs enable you to allocate your 10GbE bandwidth and divide each physical port into four logical ports.

Maximize the value of your IT investments

Connect to your existing fibre channel storage network by combining a QLogic CNA with an FCoE switch. Get the most out of your infrastructure without having to rip and replace your current hardware.

AttributeQLogic QLE246x 4GbQLogic QLE256x 8GbQLogic QLE266x 16Gb FC
QLogic ISP ASICISP2432ISP2532ISP8324
Fibre Channel Link Speeds4/2/1Gb8/4/2Gb16/8/4Gb
Fibre Channel Link OpticsSFFSFP+SFP+
Host Bus Physical ConnectorPCI Express x4PCI Express x8PCI Express x8
PCIe Lane Supportx4 Gen1x8 Gen1 or x4 Gen2x8 Gen1, x8 Gen2 or x4 Gen3
Fibre Channel Throughput800MB/Port full-duplex1,600MB/Port full-duplex3,200MB/Port full-duplex
Memory per port1MB SRAM (External)1MB SSRAM (Integrated)1MB SSRAM (Integrated)
Power (W/Gb)
N_Port IDs/Port128255255
Dynamic Power ManagementNoYesYes
SR-IOV (Storage)NoNoNo