Help Me Choose: Battery

When you're choosing a laptop battery, it's important to consider how your laptop is used:
  • Is your laptop plugged in on your desktop most of the time?
  • Do you spend more time unplugged than plugged in?
  • Do size and weight matter when you travel?


  • XPS 14 
    In most cases, the number of cells inside a battery determines its size, weight and life between charges. A cell is essentially a smaller battery that is packaged with and connected to other cells to form one large battery. Generally, the more cells, the more power, weight and size a battery has.

    Finally, it’s important to note that battery life is always subject to demands and usage. For extended periods of use away from an outlet, you might want to consider purchasing a second battery for your laptop from

    6-Cell Battery 9-Cell Battery
    A good balance of battery life and size, at a moderate price
    Longest power and battery life
    Best with:
    Laptops that will be plugged in some of the time, but will be used unplugged more often
    Best with:
    Laptops that will be used unplugged for extended periods of time
    Optimized for:
    • Everything a 4-cell is optimized for 
    • Listening to music and sharing photos on the go
    • Longer use between battery charges


    Optimized for:
    • Everything a 6-cell is optimized for
    • High-performance office applications
    • Gaming
    • Graphics
    • Watching movies on DVD or Blu-ray Disc™
    XPS 14 Notebook9 Cell
    Form factor: 6-cell batteries will lay flat.

    Form factor: 9-cell batteries will change the form factor of the computer. The battery extends below or out the back of the laptop because it needs to be larger to help keep you going.

     Product name Battery type Life span
    Dell™ XPS™ 14
    6-cellUp to 5 hours, 23 minutes*
    9-cellUp to 8 hours, 29 minutes*
    Dell XPS 15
    6-cellUp to 5 hours, 14 minutes*
    9-cellUp to 9 hours, 9 minutes*
    Dell XPS 17
    6-cellUp to 4 hours, 25 minutes*
    9-cell Up to 7 hours, 32 minutes*
    Note: Some options may not be available for certain models.