Help Me Choose: Mobile Broadband

Stay connected online virtually anywhere.

Unlike wireless cards that require WiFi routers, local networks and hotspots for internet access, mobile broadband provides wireless internet access directly through mobile phone networks at average download speeds up to 21.1 Mbps* or about as fast as a wired broadband connection. Mobile broadband is designed to connect anywhere within your carrier’s broadband coverage area; this means anywhere you can make a cell phone call you will have mobile broadband access.

Dell’s built-in mobile broadband cards are designed to provide performance advantages over external broadband peripherals and offer the convenience of an all-in-one solution. This means no more lost or broken cards, and no more forgetting to bring the card along when you’re on the road. Dell Precision mobile workstations are shipped mobile broadband ready; the integrated antenna and preinstalled connection manager software provide optimal performance with fast data download speeds.

You can access this service by choosing an integrated mobile broadband card for your new Dell Precision mobile workstation and activating service with your preferred carrier. Contact Dell’s mobile broadband activation center to sign up for service with your preferred carrier and choose from a selection of data rate plans to suit your needs.