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Dell Canada and Intel Canada today announced that Wednesday Nov. 2, 2011 has been selected as the date for the inaugural Canadian National IT Day. Moving forward, this day of recognition for IT practitioners is slated to take place on the first Wednesday of November each year within National Technology Week.

Since the National IT Day campaign began in fall 2010, the petition for a national day of recognition for IT professionals has already received close to 7,000 signatures. To seek government recognition for an official National IT Day, the petition campaign is looking to attract at least 10,000 names.

“We are looking forward to our first national day of recognition for IT professionals on November 2, 2011 -- a day when we hope Canadians will find a way to show their appreciation for our dedicated IT workers who work long and hard to keep our computers and IT infrastructure working safely, securely and smoothly 24/7,” said David Miketinac, vice president and general manager, SMB, Dell Canada.

“The future success of Canada’s economy is driven by technology and the great professionals that work in the field of IT,” said Elaine Mah, Business Marketing Manager for Intel Canada. “The passion for technology and innovation starts at a young age, so it’s important to foster, mentor and recognize that talent in order to build a strong and vibrant IT community.”

To add your name to the petition for National IT Day, visit the link at http://www.nationalitday.ca/. While there you can also take part in online discussion boards or enter contests to win great prizes.

About National IT Day
By celebrating National IT Day on the first Wednesday of November (beginning Wednesday November 2, 2011) Canadians will have a way to celebrate IT achievements and raise awareness for the services provided by IT professionals and the industry. IT professionals take on many roles in their organizations, but often garner little recognition or appreciation for their responsiveness, long hours and dedication to ensure our computer systems are up and running night and day. National IT Day provides this much needed day of recognition and appreciation.

What you can do on National IT Day

Show your appreciation: It’s easy to say ‘thank you’. If you know an IT professional, thank them for the hard work and long hours they put in to make sure your computer system and the company network is working safely and securely 24/7. Everyone wants to feel valued and the simple act of saying ‘thank you’ can have a big impact on these often un-sung IT Heroes. Of course a gift certificate, pizza lunch or coffee and donuts will also work well!

Mentor: Mentorship is an important way you can help attract and build the careers of the next generation of young IT professionals. On National IT Day consider reaching out to a budding IT practitioner with the offer of becoming their mentor and offering help and guidance.

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