Help Me Choose: Accidental Damage Service

Dell offers an easy-to-use service that helps protect your system against many unforeseen mishaps caused from spills, drops, surges, and other accidental damage. This optional warranty option will match the length of the hardware warranty you select. 

Don't know if CompleteCare™ Accidental Damage Service is right for you? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you ever eat or drink at your desk while you are working? 
  • Do you have children or pets that rough house?
  • Do you move your system and its components often?
  • Do you ever travel with your laptop?

If the answer to these questions is "Yes," then consider CompleteCare Accidental Damage Service. It was created to cover these types of situations.

With CompleteCare Accidental Damage Service*, you can call Dell's technical support line when an accident occurs and report the problem. Depending on your system type, the cause and extent of damage, and other service options you’ve purchased, Dell will initiate repair or replacement services.

The services may include shipment of replaceable parts, requests for shipment of damaged product to a Dell repair facility, or initiation of whole unit exchange procedures. CompleteCare Accidental Service is not available in all states.

If you want... Choose...
Support and coverage for accidentsAccidental Damage Service
North American based support for hardware and software issuesPro Support warranty
Support for hardware issues Basic Limited Warranty
Unit Repaired or Replaced Not Covered 
Liquid spilled on or in the unit  Yes 
Drop, fall or other collision Yes 
Damanged or broken LCD due to a drop or fall Yes 
Accidental breakage (multiple pieces) Yes 
Damage in fire  No
Intentional damange (hammer marks)  No
Theft    No
Normal wear (does not affect system performance)  No