Help Me Choose: VISION Technology From AMD


VISION Technology combines cutting-edge processing and visual power to create a single, simple and seamless choice. Available for a range of Dell systems, your VISION Technology powered computer can handle your needs at blazingly fast speed, giving you great options for casual browsing all the way through intensely competitive gaming.

To boost your productivity or graphics abilities, AMD’s top-of-the-line VISION Black Technology includes multimonitor capabilities* plus explosive HD (high-definition) performance.
AMD VISION Technology 
amd vision technology

So many ways that VISION Technology helps maximize your system’s abilities. Find the one that’s right for you.

VISION Technology combines cutting-edge processing and graphics power for a vivid, smooth visual experience.
Choose the right VISION Technology to help maximize your system’s abilities that best fit your needs.

Features and benefits Vision
Boost your productivity with multiple applications running 
VISION Premium
Excellent for everyday needs, including surfing and email 
Ultimate Image
VISION Ultimate
Record, create and edit video, music and more 
Maximum multitasking capabilities, plus ATI™ Eyefinity technology* 
Run several applications at once Yes Yes Yes Yes 
 Rich internet browsing Yes YesYes Yes 
 Perform basic photo editing  Yes YesYes 
 Watch Blu-ray/HD movies*  YesYes Yes 
 Advanced multitasking  Yes Yes 
 Record live TV   Yes Yes
 Edit/mix your own music   Yes Yes
 Advanced photo editing   Yes Yes
 Create/edit HD movies   YesYes 
 Full support for Microsoft® DirectX® 11    Yes
 ATI Eyefinity technology — up to 6 monitors*    Yes
Explosive HD 3D gaming performance     Yes
Create, edit and render memory-intensive HD photos and movies     Yes