Help Me Choose: Protection Package

Your Dell purchase is an investment, and you want to protect it. No matter what you need, there is a Dell service to help you get it. The Dell Limited Hardware Warranty* is included on all Dell systems, with additional support service upgrade packages available. For laptops, Dell offers a protection package, which includes:

  • Accidental Damage Service*
  • Computrace® LoJack for Laptops®

With the protection package, you will receive Accidental Damage Service* and LoJack for Laptops for the entire duration of your coverage (1, 2, 3 or 4 years).


Accidental Damage Service*
No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. Help protect your laptop against the dangers of everyday use. Accidental Damage Service provides repair or replacement of your system for accidents not otherwise covered by the Limited Hardware Warranty,* including:
  • Electrical surges and screen breaks — Repair or replacement of your computer in the event of an unforeseen electrical surge or accidental display break or damage.
  • Liquid spills — Repair or replacement of your computer in the event of liquid spilled on or in unit.
  • Accidental drops and falls — Repair or replacement of your computer in the event of accidental drops, falls or other accidental collision.

LoJack for Laptops, a software-based theft recovery and data security service by Absolute® Software has a dedicated theft recovery team that works to find and recover your stolen laptop, while giving you tools to remotely protect your private and sensitive data.

  • Recover — In the event of theft, contact the Absolute Customer Center. When your computer connects to the internet, the Absolute Theft Recovery team can track the location of your computer and work with local law enforcement to recover your stolen laptop and return it to you.
  • Locate — Using GPS or WiFi geolocation, LoJack for Laptops can map and display your laptop's location to track your computer on an internet map.
  • Lock and delete — If your computer is missing, Absolute’s Data Delete service can remotely delete your personal information and sensitive files from the hard drive. You can also limit access to your laptop by remotely locking your computer and displaying a custom message to the user. You could, for instance, display contact information that would help a Good Samaritan return your computer to you.
  • LoJack for Laptops is not a Dell offer. Certain conditions apply. For full details, see terms and conditions at