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Address complex business challenges with next-generation PowerEdge servers

In a virtual era, the rules have changed.
Powerful trends in IT — like virtualization, cloud computing and mobile access — drive essential new technologies in Enterprise IT. Integrating them with your legacy capabilities can create a complex environment of systems, standards and patch-worked resources for you to manage. Dell PowerEdge servers and shared infrastructure solutions help you achieve your IT imperatives with time-tested designs and the latest innovative technologies. Our solutions help you:

Accomplish more
  • Optimize your virtualization environment with memory-dense platforms and shared infrastructure solutions.
  • Get faster access to data using Express Flash NVMe PCIe SSDs, Select Network Adapter and Switch Independent Partitioning technologies.
  • Accelerate high-performance computing with multi-core GPU accelerators using Generation3 PCIe.
  • Achieve faster migration of workloads in hybrid virtual/physical environments with automated systems management.
  • Get more throughput with major input/output (I/O) performance enhancements

Improve operational efficiency
  • Automate IT management tasks with iDRAC7 with Lifecycle Controller.
  • Manage anywhere, anytime, with agent-free server management consoles and connections to the third-party tools you may already use.
  • Reduce maintenance time with auto-updates for replacement parts.
  • Control cooling costs with industry-leading heat tolerances and the automated power monitoring and control of OpenManage Power Center.
  • Tailor your network to your applications with fabric flexibility and modular shared infrastructure architectures.
  • Reduce complexity with simplified architectures and modular designs.

Ensure business continuity
  • Respond rapidly to changing technology requirements with our easily scalable designs.
  • Access information faster with storage tiering.
  • Protect data in motion using best-in-class RAID.
  • Protect data at rest with malware resistance and faster encryption.
  • Keep data safer with firmware signing and encrypted credentials.

Want to learn more? Talk to a Dell expert to learn how our server innovations can help transform your data center.

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