The extensive design and engineering of Dell virtualization solutions enable customers to quickly deploy network and storage architectures into production environments, thus helping to eliminate costly and time-consuming trial-and-error work during complex implementations. These solutions are designed on the following principles:
  • Optimal hardware configuration for virtualization
  • Redundancy with no single point of failure
  • Integration into an existing data center
  • Single-pane management
  • Scalability
Learn about the components of the infrastructure that supports a high-availability virtualization solution, including Dell PowerEdge™ blade servers, Dell Force10 S4810 Ethernet switches, Brocade™ 5100 Fibre Channel switches, Dell Compellent™ Storage solutions and VMware® vSphere® 5 technology. These components are designed to meet current and future needs of high-performance data center and computing environments.

Detailed product specifications and architecture diagrams help you prepare your environment and choose components for a reliable, scalable virtualization solution. In addition, design guidelines and deployment considerations help ensure that the workload processing and management requirements of your environment are handled efficiently and reliably, and are scalable for the future.