Managed Services

Off-load your day-to-day IT distractions

Shift your focus to things that make a real difference to your business — while lowering costs, removing distractions and attaining superior service. By letting Dell take care of your taxing daily distractions, you can:
  • Deal with the big picture and focus on your business, not IT
  • Provide relief to your overworked, understaffed organizations
  • Follow best practices while avoiding cost surprises and risks
With Dell Managed Services, you’ll get practical, automated solutions for end users and your data center. By handing off your daily burdens to Dell, you’ll gain greater control of your IT resources — a critical first step to aligning business and IT.
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  1. Dell Platform Management

    Platform Management

    Enhances server utilization and improves responsiveness to help you get the most from your server resources.


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    Dell Managed Mainframe Services Data Sheet


    Well-managed and optimized mainframe infrastructures present excellent opportunities for IT to drive substantial business value. This data sheet discusses the ways Dell Managed Mainframe Services allow you to do just that.

  2. Dell Managed Wintel Services Data Sheet

    Dell Managed Wintel Services Data Sheet


    Managing a heterogeneous IT infrastructure can be a challenge, and choosing a single multi-vendor service provider can help simplify your business and allow you to focus on critical tasks. Learn how Dell Managed Wintel Services can help you optimize and manage complex IT environments.

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    Data Center IT Outsourcing Services Data Sheet


    Dell can help boost your IT productivity by enabling your organization with business continuity processes, data center optimization and enhanced information security.


  1. Simplified End-User Managed Services

    Simplified End-User Managed Services

    Achieve superior service levels with a packaged desktop management solution that is convenient, configurable and cost-effective.


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    Dell Mobile Device Management Services Data Sheet

    The expansion of mobility devices can prove challenging for your IT staff in terms of tighter security requirements, new applications and high expectations from users. This data sheet provides an overview Dell Mobile Device Management (MDM) Services. We combine industry-leading technology and expertise to streamline the process of deploying and managing mobile devices and middleware infrastructure.

  2. Dell Managed Workplace Services Brochure​

    Dell Managed Workplace Services Brochure​


    Dell Managed Workplace Services help organizations improve productivity and collaboration, and create a mobile, productive and empowered workplace. This brochure explores our comprehensive portfolio of transformational outsourcing services for the workplace enable us to deliver end-to-end support solutions designed to empower your workforce, maximize productivity and increase overall end-user satisfaction.

  3. Dell Telecom Lifecycle Management Services Data Sheet

    Dell Telecom Lifecycle Management Services Data Sheet


    Mobile, voice and data communications are vital resources, but they can be costly. It can be challenging for companies to manage these resources. This data sheet shows how Dell Telecom Lifecycle Management Services can help organizations standardize and simplify the complex telecom lifecycle management process.

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    Dell Hardware Asset Lifecycle Management Services


    Your IT department is faced with the significant challenge of managing IT hardware assets. The popularity of bring your own device, virtualization, cloud computing and configuration management has resulted in new complexities and inefficiencies. Learn how Dell Hardware Asset Lifecycle Management Services helps you address these challenges.

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    Simplified End-User Managed Services


    Transform end user IT into an automated, self-managing utility that effortlessly delivers the service levels you need.