XPS vs Latitude

Dell offers a broad assortment of laptops to meet all of our customer’s needs.

  • Latitude™ is the flagship line for organizations with managed IT environments that value security and management. The Latitude family features best-in-class performance, long product lifecycles with managed transitions, commonality of peripherals and true global availability.
  • The Vostro™ product family features easy-to-configure solutions optimized for small organizations with little or no IT staff. Vostro offers long product lifecycles and global availability, but only basic manageability and security features. Vostro is budget-friendly and provides compelling features for the price.
  • XPS™ is Dell’s premium consumer product offering for home and home office users as well as select users in any size organization who appreciate “craftsmanship without compromise.” XPS represents high performance and leading technology with limited management capabilities and basic security features.
    XPS vs Latitude Comparision

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