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  1. Life at Dell

    Our philosophy is to build enduring relationships with our team members everywhere, inspiring all of us to embrace and live Dell’s purpose in everything we do.

  2. Our People | Steve

    "I worked for several companies before, but Dell is a company that really cares about your career."

  3. University Hiring: Begin your journey at Dell

    We're always looking for next-generation thinkers who can help push our business into the future.

  4. Life at Dell: Services

    Dell Services delivers technology solutions that enable organizations to accelerate innovation and achieve the results that matter most to them. Dell Services also focuses on the customers' future and how IT can help them Transform, Connect, Inform, and Protect their business. Dell Services focuses exclusively on three core service offerings: Infrastructure & Cloud Computing, Applications Services and Business Process Outsourcing.

  5. Our People | Vanice

    "Dell provides flexible work solutions that allow team members to do their best work in a way that’s most effective for the individual."

  6. Our People | Bill

    Meet Bill: Part of Dell's software organization, Bill contributes to Dell's innovative and entrepreneurial culture.

  7. Our People | Leonor

    "I believe every Dell employee has a protagonist role in helping our customers, isn’t that what our purpose is all about? I’ve played a key role just by living Dell’s purpose!"

  8. Our People | Sean

    "Dell’s culture is fast paced but also very rewarding. If you are hardworking and committed to customers then Dell is a perfect place for you."

  9. Our People | Sumant

    "[Dell] is a large company, but still has the dynamism of a startup."

  10. Our People | Aisling

    "That Dell is a great customer-centric company that consistently has the employees’ best interests at heart. A company that recognizes talent and constantly strives to support and develop its people."