Data Protection, Data Backup & Recovery

Protect your biggest investment: your data

The challenge of stretching IT budgets is constantly exacerbated by rapid data growth. Still, protecting your data is critical to business survival.

Safeguard your data — no matter the size of your business — and drive down the total cost of ownership with Dell data protection features, and enterprise-class backup and recovery software and appliances. 

Award-winning Dell storage integrates with third-party applications — such as VMware, Microsoft and Citrix — to offer industry-leading physical and cloud solutions that can help you dramatically reduce management complexity and total cost of ownership. 

Lower the risk of data loss through automated and intelligent backup capabilities that enable:
  • Automated and synchronized data copies through replications, snapshots, clones and mirrors
  • Data optimization for both performance gains and capacity allocation with fully automated storage tiering, thin provisioning and replication, as well as file deduplication and compression
  • Support for block (Fibre Channel and iSCSI) and file protocols (Server Message Block [SMB] and Network File System [NFS])
  • Reduced administrative time for routine operations
  • Ability to mix drive types for tiering in a single system
Dell storage solutions support a wide array of environments:
  • Oracle® Database
  • Microsoft® SQL Server®
  • VMware® ESX Server
  • Active Directory
  • Exchange Server
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft® Windows®
  • Unix
  • Linux®
  • Mac
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    Data Protection

    Protect your data for rapid recovery and improve performance and cost efficiencies with Dell data protection solutions. Reduce your risk of data loss with space-efficient snapshots and fully automated features that reduce storage center costs.

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